Controlled Opposition where Jews control all sides

Protocol 5.10. IN ORDER TO PUT PUBLIC OPINION INTO OUR HANDS WE MUST BRING IT INTO A STATE OF BEWILDERMENT BY GIVING EXPRESSION FROM ALL SIDES TO SO MANY CONTRADICTORY OPINIONS AND FOR SUCH LENGTH OF TIME AS WILL SUFFICE TO MAKE THE “GOYIM” LOSE THEIR HEADS IN THE LABYRINTH AND COME TO SEE THAT THE BEST THING IS TO HAVE NO OPINION OF ANY KIND IN MATTERS POLITICAL, which it is not given to the public to understand, because they are understood only by him who guides the public. This is the first secret. This is controlled opposition, where Jews control all sides. This is also disinformation agents propagating purposeful disinformation and putting it in front of the public’s eyes to confuse them and make it impossible for the public to know what the truth is. Truth is not intended to be known by the public. Truth is intended to be known only by the Jewish ruling class. The public is intended to know only lies and bullshit.

There are no sides. In reality there is only one side that you do not see that controls everything. This is the Jewish puppet master hidden in the shadows pulling the strings on the entire world. The sides that you do see are merely an illusion to deceive and control you. Choosing a side is a fool’s game that you can never win. The only way to win this game is not to play. This is for all you Republicans out there. Revolution is the only Solution. You must go to war against Jewish control.

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