The Jewish Assassination of Hugo Chavez

As exposed by Aaron Russo, Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez was targeted for removal from power by the Jewish globalists early on. Hugo Chavez who was a Venezuelan Patriot who opposed the Jewish agenda was given fast acting cancer to kill him. This same CIA cancer weapon has been used against others who were a thorn in the Jewish side such as Jack Rubenstein, Dave McGowan and likely many others.

3 thoughts on “The Jewish Assassination of Hugo Chavez

  1. Since Aaron Russo is a disinformation agent (by promoting microchip things and other bullshit, and blame to all directions except the Jews), no wonder he promotes disinformation that the Jews murder Hugo Chavez. Hugo Chavez is a communist – a Marxist by his own admission: he declared himself a Marxist on a trip to Bangladesh. Karl Marx, the communist founding father is a Jew, you know. Jews love communism and communist like Hugo Chavez. Communism destroyed Venezuela.


    1. You say Aaron Russo is a disinformation agent but I say differently. Aaron Russo blames the Rockefellers and the CFR and others, which are Jews and Jew controlled front organizations so he is blaming the Jews without explicitly saying the world “Jew”. Regardless of what you say about Hugo Chavez I believe he was assassinated and this assassination was the will of globalist Jews. We have a difference of opinion.


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