The 9-11 HOAX

9-11 was a long planned Zionist PSYOP centered around the twin towers of the WTC Complex in New York City. The Twin towers were aging Asbestos-filled Albatrosses that, had they not been destroyed in a convenient “terrorist attack” would have cost many millions of dollars to safely demolish. To demolish the towers safely the Asbestos would have had to have been manually removed first, which would have been extremely expensive. This made conventional demolition of the twin towers financially impractical. So a plan was devised to demolish the towers for very little cost as well as to use them in a PSYOP that would accomplish many agendas for the Jews and their minions.  One of the minions I am discussing here is the Jew controlled U.S. Government.

9-11 was a PSYOP, NOT an attack

There is a belief among the majority of the American people that America was attacked by someone on 9-11-2001 but this not the truth.  9-11 was not an attack on America of any kind.  Instead it was a mass media created deception to make the American people and the world believe that America had been attacked when in reality there was no attack at all.

The alleged hijacked civilian airliners

No planes were hijacked.  The four hijacked planes were simply main stream media disinformation to support the terrorist attack scenario of the PSYOP.  Whether actual planes were used to crash into WTC 1 or WTC 2 or not is debatable.  It is possible that real planes were used (which were not civilian airliners) and were flown by remote control into the towers as part of the deception.  Its also possible that no planes flew into the towers and the planes appearing in the media footage shown to the public are illusions. Whether planes flew into the towers or not is not important.  Either way, it was a deception and there was no attack.

The alleged civilian deaths

The illusion presented by the main stream media is that approximately 3000 American civilians lost their lives in the terrorist attack on America but this is a falsehood. In a PSYOP, all such deaths are disinformation as will be described in the following paragraphs.

The main stream media presented illusion is that four civilian airliners filled with passengers were hijacked by Islamic terrorists on 9-11-2001 and that all of those passengers as well as the terrorists who hijacked them died but that is a falsehood. The reality is that there were no civilian airliners. There were no passengers. There were no terrorists. All of those alleged deaths are disinformation.

The main stream media presented illusion is that the WTC twin towers were filled with people when the towers collapsed and that almost all of those people died in the collapses but that is a falsehood. The twin towers were empty of people at the time of their collapses and nobody actually died in those collapses. 

The main stream media presented illusion is that a plane full of screaming passengers slammed into the north face of the Pentagon, killing those passengers as well as many people inside the part of the Pentagon where the plane hit, but that is a falsehood. No plane crashed into the Pentagon.  Its possible that a U.S. cruise missile was fired into a section of the Pentagon to cause the damage seen there but it is equally possible that all the damage seen was from pre-planted explosives.  In any case, it was a deception and no attack. There was no deaths associated with this event.

The main stream media presented illusion is that a plane full of passengers crashed into an empty field in Pennsylvania after those passengers stormed the cockpit, but that is a falsehood. No plane crashed in Pennsylvania. This entire event is media disinformation.

The main stream media presented illusion is that hundreds of New York City firefighters died trying to rescue the people inside the WTC twin towers when they collapsed but this is a falsehood. There were no people in the towers to be rescued. No New York City firefighters died trying to rescue them. This is disinformation. And Jon Stewart is a lying Jew.

Faked Deaths

Many of the alleged deaths of the 9-11 PSYOP are disinformation concerning people who never existed in reality. Their existence as real people was just an illusion to support the PSYOP. But some of the alleged victims of 9-11 were real people who were known to exist before 9-11-2001. I say that these people either faked their deaths or if they did die then they did not die in the fake terrorist attack. In this section I want to discuss some of these people.

Barbara Olson:

Barbara Olson was a media personality married to Ted Olson, who was an influential member of the U.S. Government. I contend that Barbara Olson faked her death and that she had facial reconstructive surgery to reappear later in the world as a different identity named Lady Booth. Lady Booth is shown in the below image on the right.

Two things are noteworthy about Lady Booth, which is that her past seems to start after the alleged death of Barbara Olson. I contend that her past has been created as a cover story to make her appear to be a separate person from Barbara Olson when in reality she is the same person. And of course she married Ted Olson. Even in her new identity she was still attached to her husband.

Osama Bin Laden

Osama Bin Laden, whoever he was, had nothing to do with 9-11 other than to be the chosen patsy to take the blame for the “terrorist attack on America”, in the same way that Lee Harvey Oswald was the chosen patsy to take the blame for the JFK assassination.

The Reasons behind 9-11

My main intent with this post is to show that 9-11 was a staged PSYOP and not an attack on America, but that said it is secondarily important to show the reasons behind the PSYOP. In my opinion there were many reasons behind the PSYOP and many agendas were accomplished at the same time by it. I will try to list these here.

Securing the Energy Needs of the U.S. Government and western allies

Part of the reason behind 9-11 was to give the U.S. Government an excuse to militarily invade the middle east and the entire purpose of that was to secure the energy needs of the U.S. Government in the future. The U.S. Government is a snake that takes care of itself and it has no problem using lies and deception to do that. Unfortunately the American people are so blind and stupid that they do not see that it is their own government that is behind these things. America is a nation of blind programmed sheep.

The Two Worlds Paradigm Example of 9-11

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5 thoughts on “The 9-11 HOAX

    1. That is a very good question to ask. Jon Stewart (who is Jew) is actively pushing for Congress to allocate money to support all the NYC Firefighters who allegedly died during 9-11. Since I say that those deaths did not happen, I call Jon Stewart a liar and his Jewishness has everything to do with him lying about 9-11.


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