Rob the Goyim of their landed properties and industries

An important part of the Jewish Master Plan is that all property world wide that is owned by non Jews will come into Jewish ownership. This is part of another element of the Jewish Master Plan, which is making the Jewish Talmud a reality for the entire world. According to the Jewish Talmud, all property will be owned by the Jews so this element is working toward that eventual Jewish goal.

What this element of the Jewish Master Plan is primarily talking about is seizing property owned by non Jews through economic means. An example of this would be forced foreclosure of a property because the non Jewish property owner is unable to pay the owed debt on the property and so a Jewish bank acquires ownership of it.

A combination of high taxes and unfair competition are two ways that Jews can bring the economic ruin of non Jewish property owners and cause their property to fall into Jewish hands. And to be certain, once a property once owned by a non Jew falls into Jewish hands it will stay in Jewish hands no matter what, because this is the fulfilment of the Talmud and the Jewish Master Plan.

As an aside, did you know Bill Gates, who is a Jew, has become the largest property owner in America? That’s right. That slimy mother fucker owns more farm land now than anyone else and its no secret why. Jews want to control the food supply of Americans in the future, but that is a tangent I do not want to follow at this time. But the point is that a Jew has managed to acquire more land than anyone else at a time when non Jews are suffering hugely because of the Jewish created plandemic. Are you beginning to understand how Jews are using the plandemic to their favor in many ways? I will talk more about this later.

Jews manipulate the economy to hurt non Jews financially and to give Jews (and Jewish minions) an unfair advantage in the market.

Jews also control raw materials to hurt industries owned by non Jews and to cause their failure so they can be bought up by Jews and Jewish minions for pennies on the dollar. Again, once these industries fall into Jewish hands they will never leave them. Once Jews acquire a property, they acquire it forever. If a Jew ever gets in a position where he has to sell a property then he will sell it to another Jew, but Jews generally help each other out so they never get into the kind of trouble that causes non Jews to have to foreclose on their homes and/or businesses.

Jews also purposely subsidize competitors of non Jewish businesses in order to hurt the non Jewish business and attempt to drive it into bankruptcy. Many many non Jewish businesses have been targeted and destroyed in this manner.

The transfer of property from non Jewish hands into Jewish hands is a process of attrition that has been going on for a long time and will go on for a long time. What Jews plan is that all property will be in Jewish hands in the end, but the means to bring on that eventual end will not be just economic. Other methods will be employed eventually, such as forcibly seizing property by the state like what happened in Russia after the Bolshevik Revolution. To be certain, the Jewish Master Plan calls for a lot of non Jewish property to be seized by the state but for that to happen other pieces of the Jewish puzzle have to fall into place. I do not want to move too fast to describe those other elements here but the important thing to know is that Jews want ALL the property everywhere to be owned by Jews and they will use ANY means to achieve that end.

More to Come

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