The World Under Jewish Control

In this post I want to talk about what the world will be like if and when the Jewish Master Plan comes to fulfillment and Jews gain complete control of the world. This describes the world after the Jewish checkmate in which Jews reveal to the entire world that (((they))) are in control of everything and that non Jews are at best slaves to Jews and at worst dead in their graves.

Jews own all property and non Jews are forbidden to own property.

There will be no more wars because Jews will control everything and everyone and Jews will not war among themselves. War will become obsolete but it will be replaced by complete and total slavery of non Jews to Jews.

Think of an entire planet enslaved to and under the thumb of Jews and you will have a good picture of the end result of the Jewish Master Plan. A very good example of what the world will be like under Jewish control is the way Russia became after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution. Consider what happened in Russia as a model for what will happen to the world once Jews obtain total control.

A Godless World

The world that Jews want to create is completely atheistic, in which all knowledge of God and/or spiritual things is completely removed from the lexicon of mankind.

More to Come

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