Pushing for Democracy instead of Monarchy

One of the early parts of the Jewish Master Plan to be implemented was to push for Democracy in every country instead of Monarchy. Jews have been the ones to push the mob to demand Democracy because in doing this Jews obtained the control which they could not get under a Monarchy. Jews cannot corrupt an intelligent monarch who has all the control in his or her hand but Jews can (and do) corrupt Democracies to control them in secret.

Democracy, which means rule by the people, is a great form of government in theory but the fatal flaw of Democracy is that it can corrupted and controlled by evil men using infiltration and subversion techniques. Without a safeguard to protect it, any Democracy may be subverted by a ruthless determined intelligent foe like the Jews. Jews have exploited the freedom of Democracy and used it to gain control of countries in which they would have no control at all if the country were ruled by a Monarch. Monarchy is much more difficult for the Jews to infiltrate and subvert than a Democracy. Democracy is the easiest form of government for the Jews to subvert and control., which is the reason that Jews have been behind the Democracy movement in every country that was at one time a Monarchy, such as England. Although England still has a Monarchy, it has no power to rule the country and Jews do not care about this. Without the power to rule the country, the English monarchy is irrelevant. It is the English Parliament where Jews exert their control of the U.K. to rule the government and the country in secret.

Of course, Democracy is not the preferred form of government by the Jews; communism is. Jews exploit Democracy to use it as a backdoor form of communism in secret. A subverted Democracy is communism in secret. If you look at the United States Government today, that is exactly what it is. Its communism mascaraing as Democracy.

Here is where the two Worlds Paradigm comes into play. In the False World, Equality, Liberty and freedom are important in Democracies such as the USA. In the Real World, there is no Democracy, there is no equality, there is no liberty and there is no freedom. In the Real World, all of those are just illusions to deceive the mob (the clueless general public). Despite what the mob does not know, the Jews know what the truth is.

Jews are using their influence to turn the U.S. Government more and more communistic and some day Jews have a plan to make the U.S.A. openly communistic. Imagine a day when you turn on your television and you see that all the channels are showing the same scene, which is one of the U.S. Constitution being burnt to ashes to let every American know that the U.S. is now a communist nation. That day could be coming sooner than you think.

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