Jewish Checkmate

As I said in a previous post, an important part of the Jewish Master Plan is to keep Jewish rule of the world secret until such time when Jews have such power and control over the world that their rule cannot be physically opposed and there is no chance that their world rule can be subverted. I refer to this as the Jewish Checkmate and unless non Jews start to fight back, that horrible day is coming when Jews take off the mask and tell the Goyim to kneel in submission or die.

When the Jews declare “Check mate”, then the mask will come off and everyone will know that Jews rule the world with an iron fist. And it will be an iron fist of Jewish dystopia.

Think of the death and carnage and destruction of the 1917 Russian Revolution but on a world wide scale and you will have a pretty good idea of what Jewish checkmate means to non Jews.  

Many other Jewish agendas have to be accomplished before this happens. For one thing, guns in the hands of citizens must be outlawed, especially in the United States of America. I predict that the Jews plan to totally end the current illusion of the U.S. Constitutional government and a permanent state of martial law will be enacted to strip the citizens of their Constitutional rights, including the Constitutional right to bear arms. In order for Jews to get their way, guns in the hands of citizens have to go bye bye, starting with the big guns. This explains Jewish shooting hoaxes such as Sandy Hook.

More to Come

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