Fomenting Wars

Fomenting Wars is a part of the Jewish Master Plan. Jews purposely instigate wars to attain control of regions where they do not control, such as in the Persian Gulf and other areas.  Jews purposely set non Jewish nations against each other while the Jews sit back and get rich supporting both sides and watching their non Jewish enemies destroy each other.  Jews love war as a way to kill Goyim and get rich doing it.  Jews are the most evil war mongering people on the face of the earth for this reason. 

One purpose behind Jews fomenting wars is that both or all sides in the war will be placed further in (Jewish) debt, giving the Jews more control over those countries than they would normally have. Since Jews control the money supply of the entire world, any country that wants to wage war must come to the Jews for the money to wage the war, and Jews use this to their advantage. A big reason for fomenting wars is to bury the warring nations under crushing debt that the Jews can use to their advantage to control the nations from within and from without.

Jews also direct the peace conferences so that neither of the combatants obtains territorial gains in the Jewish fomented wars. The Jewish plan for world dominion has all land under Jewish control so they are careful not to do anything that increases non Jewish control of land which they see as belonging to them.

Jews will continue to instigate wars until they control the entire world and there will be no more wars, only slavery to Jewish power IF they get their way.  

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