The Covid 19 Plandemic

The more I look at what is happening at “Covid 19” with eyes wide open the more I see that it is a well organized well planned attack on the people of the entire world to enslave them by an Evil Establishment or Cabal. All the evidence is there for any thinking rational person to see this. Of course the Snakes are doing their very best to make the Sheep believe that this is not the case.

Proof that the Pandemic was Planned with a Purpose

The Covid 19 plandemic would not be possible except in a world controlled by Jews. The only way that you can do a world wide PSYOP like Covid 19 is if you control the entire world. This is another proof that we are living in the Jewish New World Order today and have been for quite some time, at least since 9-11.

The Covid 19 Plandemic serves the Jewish Master Plan.

What is happening is a Crime Against Humanity on a Global Scale

With the Convid 19 deception, one side has declared open war against the other side.  We are at War but most people are blind to it.  It is up to the Good side to recognize this and to respond in kind.  The control freaks are not going to stop unless they are stopped. There is going to have be a fight to prevent the bad guys from winning this war.

It starts with educating as many people as possible about what is happening so that the common man who does not know is awakened to the crisis we are in now.  And make no mistake about it, humanity is in a crisis of a man made nature that it has never seen before in the history of this world.  People have to wake up to see what is happening first and then people have to organize a resistance against it.

The Evil Side wants to keep the Good Side blind to its true intentions but I predict they will fail. Already a mass awakening is happening as more and more people are realizing what is going on with the Covid 19 scam. Once there is a critical mass of awakening then I foresee that the Good Side will be forced to go to War against the Bad Side.  Let the War begin soon.

Revolution is the only Solution to the Plans of the Elite

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