Jewish Religions to Deceive and Control

I contend that one of the very first elements of the Jewish Master Plan was the creation of Religions to control the thinking of non Jews and to make non Jews have a favorable opinion of Jews and Israel.  Jews purposely have created many Religions of the world, especially Christianity, in order to deceive the Goyim and to completely blind the Goyim to the Jewish Master Plan. In this Jews have been extremely successful.

Christianity is part of the Jewish Master Plan

One of the best ways to deceive someone is through Religion.  There is no doubt in my mind that Christianity is being used by Jews as a deception tool.  Jewish Supremacy and Israeli Supremacy are core tenets of Christianity.  It is one big brainwashing tool for the Goyim.  Although I was raised in a Christian background and have long believed in it, I have had to completely separate myself from it so I can view it objectively.  It is 100% being used as a deception tool to get non Jews to favor Jews and Israel and to turn a blind eye to the atrocities that Israel commits against the Palestinian people for example. 

Jews also use the Religions that have created to divide the Goyim and to cause conflicts and wars between them, such as the Crusades in the Middle Ages.

Religion is the perfect mind control tool for Jews to deceive the Goyim and most of the Goyim have fallen under their spell.

Once Jews have total control of the world they plan to completely eliminate all Religion to have a completely Godless world which they control but until that time Religion will play an important role for the Jewish Master Plan.

5 thoughts on “Jewish Religions to Deceive and Control

  1. Great book by Christopher Jon Bjerknes,
    Beware the World to Come.
    Lines up with everything you say. All ‘abrahamic’ religions created by the same people.


    1. I have heard of this book before and have been trying to locate a free copy so I can read it but unfortunately I have not found one. I do not like to buy books but to read information free online. I do not think the truth is something to be bought and sold. It should be given away freely if its actual truth and of any value at all. I will look for this book again and try to find a free copy of it but if not then I cannot read it.


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