Jewish Infiltration and Subversion

The technique by which Jews gain control of any organization and use that control to spread their influence is called Infiltration and Subversion. This is a major method that Jews use to control the world that serves the Jewish Master Plan.

How does it work?

First they infiltrate any organization such as governments that they want to control by sending in their own agents. Any organization that the Jews want to gain control of can be easily infiltrated by Jews or Jewish minions who join the organization in disguise. In other words, they appear to be one thing to the existing members of the organization but in reality they are something else.

One organization that Jews target for infiltration and subversion are governments. Of all the types of Governments in the world, Democracy is the easiest form of government for Jews to infiltrate and subvert, and the reason for this is that Democratic forms of government are open to anyone to participate in. Jews exploit the freedom of Democracies to secretly infiltrate and control them. Its freedom is also its inherent weakness to be exploited by the evil Jewish Snake. All the Jewish Snake has to do in order to subvert a Democracy is to send in its own agents to be candidates in elections and to fund them and to make those candidates popular with the people on the Jewish controlled media.  Its so easy for Jews to do this its child’s play. 

Once they have joined the organization they are very ambitious to rise to leadership positions in the organization, sometimes assisted in that task by others within the organization who are secretly assisting them. And once they have their agents in positions of leadership in a Democracy or any other group then Jews can immediately begin the process of subversion, which is to change the original purpose of the organization so that it secretly serves the agendas of the Jewish infiltrators. In the case of an infiltrated Democratic government, subversion makes the government work for the Jews instead of the people as it was intended to. This is exactly what has happened to once Democratic governments such as the United States Government. Although the U.S. Government still pretends to be a Democracy to its own people and the world, Democracy has become nothing more than a Jew created illusion to hide the reality that Jews control the U.S.A. Jewish Fascism is the real form of government of the U.S.A. as it is in the U.K. and many other of the so called “Democracies”.

As an example of infiltration and subversion, think about a healthy cell in a human body that is attacked by a malignant virus.  The virus purposely attacks the cell in such a way that it takes over the entire cell, diverting it from its original purpose and function and basically hijacking the cell to be a slave to the virus.  The cell then begins creating copies of the virus to spread to other cells.  The cell has been turned into a zombie for the virus.  The exact same concept applies to the Jewish infiltration of a Government like the U.S. Government. In this way the Government serves the Jews who control it and completely stops serving the people who the Government is supposed to take care of.  This is what has happened to the U.S. Government.  The U.S. Government is now totally corrupt and Jew owned.  It is fit only for Revolution.

An image depicting the subverted U.S. Government:

The more control Jews get, the more control and power they have over the world.  In this way Jews have subverted the entire world to serve their interests instead of serving humanity. If you think of the earth as it was intended to be and compare it to the way it is today, its like a once healthy person has been turned into a bedridden person with cancer that has invaded all parts of its body.   The disease that could have once been stopped has now taken over the entire body and it is in control.  This is the world as it exists today. It only pretends to be a free world but that freedom is an illusion.

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