Jewish Deceptions

A significant portion of this Blog has been dedicated to exposing the lies and deceptions of the Jewish Snake such as the Apollo Moon Landings Hoax, 9-11, the Sandy Hook School Shooting hoax and lately the Covid 19 hoax and the George Floyd murder.  We can expect to see many more deceptions in the future because this is a standard M.O. of the Jews, in that they are master liars and deceivers when it comes to non Jews.

One of the basic weapons of the Jewish criminals is Deception. Deceiving non Jews is an important part of the Jewish Master Plan.

Jews see deception as a good thing because it helps them to maintain their control over the people. The purpose of the deceptions is to manipulate the emotions and to control the non Jewish people in a way that favors either the Jewish race or Jewish agendas.  Staging deceptions is a very easy way for Jews to control and manipulate non Jews because Jews control both the world media and all the major governments of the world.

Jews see it as their right to deceive non Jews because to them non Jews are no better than animals or cattle and so they justify any treatment of non Jews as permissible on this basis. Jews have no morality toward non Jews and feel no guilt for deceiving them.

The Jewish Race are master deceivers of non Jews. Jewish control of the world media and the world governments allows them to easily stage deceptions and pass them off as reality to a clueless population that generally has no idea that they are being deceived.

These deceptions do not have to be perfect. They just have to be good enough to fool the brain dead with no glaring mistakes to give away the game.

The following is a short list of Jewish Deceptions.

The Apollo Moon Landings HOAX

The 9-11 HOAX

Jews were behind 9-11. Please see the following link for details.

The 9-11 HOAX

The Sandy Hook School Shooting HOAX

Islamic State (ISIS)

The Covid 19 Plandemic

The January 6th “Insurrection”

What will be the next deception after Covid 19 to fool and manipulate the hapless Goyim?  Only the Jews know what they have planned next. Since they usually plan these staged deceptions many years in advance, its very likely that Jews already know what they will do in the next 5 to 10 years.   Its we who don’t know but just remember what I said.  They will stage deception after deception after deception until such a time comes when they no longer need to stage deceptions because they control all.  That will be the time when the Jews declare “check mate” on the world. 

More to Come

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