Jewish Blackmail

Although few of the Goyim appear to know about it, Blackmail is the ultimate method of Jewish control over the world. What do I mean when I say Blackmail?  I mean that a high profile target such as a Politician or a world leader is purposely set up and baited into a compromising position in order to control that target. 

One of the favorite blackmail schemes of the Jewish Snake is to set up the target with an underage minor (male or female) in a sexual situation or that even just appears to be a sexual situation.  Pictures and videos are taken of the target in close proximity with the underage minor and then the target is shown this photographic evidence and presented with an ultimatum.  Either you play ball with us or we will release this evidence on our media and paint you as a pedophile to completely destroy you politically. In other words, Jews make the target an offer he cannot refuse.  Refusal means he will be totally destroyed.  Cooperation means he will be a minion of the Jews from then on. Its a Jewish trap that the ensnared target cannot win. This is the perfect Jewish tool for world control. 

Jews use Blackmail to control people and to get them to cooperate with whatever agendas the Jews want to promote.  Primarily Politicians are Blackmailed to control them but also people in business, industry and the military are blackmailed to control them. Jewish Blackmail serves the Jewish Master Plan.

Jeffrey Epstein

Jeffrey Epstein (who is a Jew), the man shown in the image above is one of the Jewish Mossad agents who was involved in setting up and photographing high profile targets with underage minors but he is certainly not the only one who did it.

Roy Cohn

Donald Trump mentor Roy Cohn (who is a Jew), shown above was also involved in Blackmail operations, which are sometimes referred to as Brownstone Operations.

Robert Maxwell


Jewish Mossad Agent Robert Maxell, shown above, was also involved in high level Blackmail operations.

Ghislaine Maxwell

Jewish Mossad Agent Ghislaine Maxwell, shown above is the daughter of Robert Maxwell who like her father before her has been involved in many high profile Blackmail operations.

Donald Trump

Was Donald Trump himself involved in Blackmail operations since his mentor Roy Cohn was?  I suspect yes but I have no direct evidence of that. The evidence I have is that Trump is a wealthy powerful Jew who was mentored by a Jewish Blackmail artist and who hung around with other Jewish Blackmail artists such as Jeffrey Epstein and Ghislaine Maxwell. See image above.

Central Intelligence Agency

The Central Intelligence Agency is a Jewish front that is directly involved in blackmail operations using underage kids. It has been exposed that the CIA trains children how to compromise politicians, etc. for them.

It has been revealed that one of the Politicians that the CIA set up and blackmailed was U.S. Senator Frank Church, pictured above. Frank Church was leading an important U.S. Senate committee investigating the CIA in the late 1970’s called the Church Committee. These public investigations were very embarrassing to the CIA and it wanted to put a stop to them. One of the ways that the CIA stopped the investigation is by setting up Senator Church in a sting operation with an underage child and blackmailing him to force an end or a containment to the investigations. As you can see from the above link, the CIA is as evil as fuck but its just a minion of the Jewish Snake so nobody should be surprised about CIA evil. It serves its master well.

More to Come

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