Is it Possible that Joe Biden has been replaced by a Look a like?

I have seen this question asked in more than one place and I feel compelled to offer an opinion about this based upon other research I have done and other dots I have been able to connect.

Regarding the question, has Joe Biden been replaced by a Look a Like? My answer is maybe. There are reasons to suspect so, which I will attempt to list below.

Those who control this world (Jews and their minions) have demonstrated a propensity for using look a likes to portray a single individual while presenting the illusion to the public that that there are no look a likes being used. I have shown on my Blog one such example in the case of James Paul McCartney of the Beatles being portrayed by multiple look a likes during at least one period of the Beatles and possibly for the entire duration of the Beatles. I suspect look a likes were being used to portray John Lennon and possibly George Harrison and Ringo Starr at various points in the Beatles public appearances.

Despite what I said about Miles Mathis being a disinformation agent, IMO Miles Mathis did tell the truth about at least one thing, which is that Physicist Stephen Hawking very likely died and was replaced by at least two different look a likes. Here is that very illuminating post that shows that the Establishment plays tricks on the public using look a likes, for whatever reason the Establishment chooses to do so. Sometimes it is a change in the teeth of the person that gives away that a look a like has replaced them. Sometimes it is that the person has not appreciably aged at all in any significant way even after many years, which is very unnatural. There are other ways to determine look a likes, such of change of ears, change of facial shapes, etc.

Now to get to Joe Biden. The image at the top of this post was captured by someone and posted on a forum to show that something is not right about Joe Biden in this image. If you look at that image closely, you see around the neck line an abrupt change of skin coloration which seems to indicate that the man in this image is wearing some kind of a mask. Now, I don’t know what kind of technology exists now to allow one person to look like another person using some kind of facial overlay, but IMO it is in the realm of possibility that the man shown in the above image is not Joe Biden at all but is a man wearing a very authentic looking mask to make him appear to be Joe Biden. If you look at what Hollywood can do with cosmetics and costumes, they can do a very good job of making a double look like a prime actor, even down to the facial moles and wrinkles and other imperfections that one would expect to find on the face of an elderly man like Joe Biden. So is this man wearing a mask? Perhaps.

Another poster noted a marked difference in the teeth of the present day Joe Biden to the teeth displayed by Joe Biden in photographs taken from earlier in his career. One might expect Joe Biden to get false teeth or dental implants to fix his old teeth but what one does not expect to see is that one set of old looking teeth get replaced by a completely different looking set of old looking teeth. That is what gave at least one of the Stephen Hawking look a likes away in the Miles Mathis piece. I have viewed the images of Joe Biden’s teeth today compared to earlier in his political career and it looks suspicious to me is all I can say. If you look at the above image, you can see that the teeth of Joe Biden appear to have changed in a very unnatural way from earlier in his life. The teeth on the right do not look like any dental implants but they look like natural teeth from an elderly person that do not match the teeth of the earlier Joe Biden. Its not proof of anything but it is suspicious, no?

Also in the above image is a noted difference in the ear lobes of the earlier Joe Biden compared to the current Joe Biden. One expects some changes in the ear as a person ages but the way that the bottom of the ear connects to the face should not change and here it apparently does change. In the left image the ear lobe is much more rounded and connects to the face much higher than in the image to the right. This is not conclusive evidence of deception but it is odd.

More to Come.

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