I finally migrated this Blog

After much indecision about where to move this Blog, I finally migrated this Blog away from the censoring Google Blogspot platform. All I wanted was a censorship free voice and Google refused to give it to me so I am compelled to leave Google for this new home. Hopefully I will not face similar censorship here. As you can see I migrated the content from the previous Blog to this one but the migration was not perfect. For one thing, all of the links point to the posts in the old Blog instead of the new Blog. I was hoping that the auto import tool would automatically resolve those links to make them point to the posts in the new Blog but no such luck. I will have to edit those links myself if I want them to point to the correct place. I cannot count on the old Blog sticking around since Google could at any time just decide to deep six it like they have done to so many other Blogs. Well, we all know what Google is and we know never to use their products unless we absolutely have to.

One thing that I want to do on this Blog is to recreate the Jewish Master Plan that Google censored but this time I want to do a much better job in creating it. What I envision is to have a master page of all the sections of the Jewish Master Plan and then each section will open to a new page that will fully describe that section. That is the best way I can think of to fully document everything that I see about the Jewish Master Plan.

It will take some time for me to get this new Blog organized the way I want so I ask you to bear with me while I do this. But the good thing is that I can start creating new posts (hopefully) without having big brother looking over my shoulder censoring everything I write.

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