Google Censored another post on this Blog

So I discovered today that another post has been censored from this Blog that I made just yesterday.  The title of that post was Sowing Racial Divisions is part of the Jewish Master Plan.  What I said in that post is one hundred percent truth as I see it but unfortunately Google is very determined to put a Jewish gag on my mouth to prevent me from telling the truth about the Jews and their plans.  I so badly want to continue this Blog but I cannot do so with Google censoring everything of import I want to say.  

Google is letting me know loud and clear that it is not going to allow me tell the truth about Jews on the Jewish owned Google platform.  Its no big surprise to me that I am being censored about this topic which the Jews do not want the public to know.  But I will NEVER stop telling the truth about Jews and what they are doing and what their plans for the world are.  Google\’s censorship has just made me more determined to get the truth out to the people somehow.  I will not be censored. I will go around Google\’s censorship and speak the truth freely as I see it. My only choice at this point is to start a new Blog elsewhere outside of Google censorship.  I hope you understand my position. 

Feel free to email me at if you have any questions or comments.

7 thoughts on “Google Censored another post on this Blog

  1. I have just discovered that they restored this post \”Sowing Racial Divisions is part of the Jewish Master Plan\” today.


  2. They deleted this post \”Sowing Racial Divisions is part of the Jewish Master Plan\” again! It is the second time it get deleted. They are joking with us. I just see it reappeared but then it suddenly disappeared again. What are they thinking?


  3. Its not restored. Google has functionality built into their blogging software where they can automatically unpublish any post that they want to on the server outside of my control. That post is unpublished and I cannot show it however I can show the post if you email ne and request it at If you want to see that post then email me and I will send it to you.


  4. I have no idea what they are thinking but all I know is that I cannot continue this Blog. If I cannot feel free to speak my mind without being censored then I would rather not speak at all.


  5. I am considering WordPress as an alternative Blog but not the free version of WordPress. The free version of wordpress would be just as bad Blogspot but the server based version is probably the best solution that would be least vulnerable to censorship. I am exploring this option.


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