Destroying the White Race is part of the Jewish Master Plan


The Destruction of  the White Race is part of the Jewish Master Plan.  Make no mistake about it.  Jews are at war against the White Race and have been for a LONG time.  Below are some other images telling how Jews feel about the White Race and showing that Jews want the White Race reduced and eventually destroyed.  I wish I was making this shit up but I am not.  This is straight out of the mouths of the Jews themselves. They are at war against the White Race.


The Jewish Agenda to Destroy the White Race

The (Jewish) Hooton Plan to destroy Germans and the White Race

IMO the Syrian Refugee crisis was purposely created by Jews first to get the Syrian people out of Syria which the Jews want to make into Greater Israel but for the bigger purpose of flooding Europe with middle eastern immigrants in order to destroy the white race in Europe.  Now I see the very same thing being done with the Afghanistan refugees who are all heading to white nations to further dilute the white race and white culture wherever they go.  This is all part of the Jewish plan but the reason behind this must be understood.  The following paragraph summarizes it I see it.

Jews have a plan to control the world and the white race is their biggest competitor and the biggest obstacle that prevents Jews from having the control over the world that Jews have always wanted. By diluting and destroying the white race and white culture, Jews are helping to bring on the Jewish New World Order.  The White Race is just in the way for total world control of planet earth that the Jews so badly want.  The White Race is also the only one who is going to challenge Jewish world control so by destroying the white race, Jews are destroying their natural enemies in the world.  Jews cannot control the white race so Jews want to replace the white race with a mixed race population that will be much easier for Jews to control.   Ultimately the reason Jews are doing what they are doing in terms of race is about control and making it easy for Jews to enslave the world\’s population.  The sooner the white race turns into a shade of brown, the better it is for Jews but its not just about destroying the white race but about destroying white culture.  Jews are at war with white culture.  American and European white culture is being destroyed FROM WITHIN.  You must see this and understand that the enemy we face is within the gates and in control of the very governments of the white nations.  This means that Jews can use those governments to make war against the white population and white cultures of those nations.  This includes the U.S. Government, the U.K. government, the European Union governments, the Australian Government, the Canadian Government, etc., etc. etc.  The Jew controlled governments are secretly at war with the white populations of all these countries.  Its insidious and treacherous and treasonous what is happening but it is a fact.  Our own governments are at war against us.  I say this as a member of the white race who is proud of my race and proud of my culture and wants to defend them from the Jewish enemy who is out to destroy everything I believe in and stand for. 


White Genocide: How Europe is being Destroyed by the Jews

The Hidden Jewish Hand in the Destruction of White South Africa

14 thoughts on “Destroying the White Race is part of the Jewish Master Plan

  1. The reason the Jews want to attack and destroys the White race goes deeper than you think. The Jews already have control, but they still provoke and trigger White people. Why do they do that? Do they want White people to revolt to overthrow their control? When they are in control, they should treat White people well so that they can remain in control forever without the possibility of being overthrown. But they don't, and they treat white people as the enemy. The Jews are the race of evil, so they hate White people because White people have contributed the most to the Earth and made the Earth a much better place. Devils hate goodness so much, and that is why the Jews deeply hate White people. They want to turn the Earth into hell. They want to make people live in places like hell on Earth like the life of the most terrible countries in Africa – the land of the Black people (sorry I am not a racist but a racial realist. I highly respect the Asians as a very good race so I am not a racist). The Earth becomes much better because of the White race, so the Jews hate White people. White people invented most of the important things that humans use today. Destroying the white race means destroying the miracle of the earth. And replacing the white race with the black race by race mixing (interracial white-black couples produce black children because black people have dominant genes), so everyone will turn black, the miraculous white race will become Black. White civilization will become a hellish society like the hellish countries in Africa (Africa is much better now because the White race has colonized them. The most developed places of Africa are the places White people colonized intensively the most)


  2. Well written and 100% true. I hope you will expand on some of these topics. I'm particularly interested in how christianity has been used. I admit that it has been used against us, but just because Jews have twisted it to their advantage, it doesn't mean we're have to throw out the baby with the bath water. Christianity on the whole has been a very positive thing for people of European descent. And I don't believe for a minute that Jesus was somehow part of the conspiracy. They simply took things like turn the other cheek and forgiveness, which enabled white folks to be able to get along with one another, and exploited them in a way that whites would rarely if ever do to one another. Maybe even Jesus couldn't foresee the depths to which Jewish depravity would sink or just how evil the synagogue of satan was.


  3. No, I was referring to this post in my first line. And I probably should have addressed the rest of what I said in the post about christianity, but I didn't realize I was going to upset anyone.Do you have anything to say about what I posted or are you just here to correct people?


  4. In my post called \”Christianity is part of the Jewish Master Plan\” I tried to explain how Christianity is being used by the Jews as a mind control tool for non Jews. I can try to break it down further. Its taken me so long to see what Christianity really is. I really need to make a Two Worlds Paradigm post about Christianity itself because there is a version of Christianity (((they))) want us to believe but there is a truth about Christianity which they do not want us to even suspect. Christianity is being used to control and nothing more. I understand what you say about Jesus and I have had similar thoughts but I really feel that I cannot trust any of it to be true, regardless of what I have been conditioned to believe.


  5. I could expound on these topics but then Google would just censor the entire post like they did to the other post I made called \”Causing Racial Divisions is part of the Jewish Master Plan\”. I believe I got too close to the truth in that post and Google censored it. Jews are running Google and Jews use ownership of Google to censor anything which is forbidden truth about the Jews. So I cannot continue this Blog here. Google is my enemy and also the enemy of every non Jewish person who cares about the truth. Please boycott Google and Youtube. I will not take down this Blog because its an invaluable information source but I cannot continue it here.


  6. I also understand what you say about Christianity being a positive influence on society for a long time and I agree with that. It has been but somewhere along the way Christianity has been infiltrated and transformed from what it used to be to what it is now. Now Christianity 100% serves the Jews. If you look at the Jewish master plan, one part is called Infiltration and Subversion. This is what Jews have done to Christianity. They have infiltrated it and subverted it. Think of a virus invading a healthy cell and hijacking the cellular machinery to cause the cell to start replicating the virus itself. That is exactly the way infiltration and subversion works. Its a conspiracy.


  7. white people made earth a better place lmao jaws are white or did you forget that white people killed more than 100 million native Americans and millions in the Spanish inquisition its white people who started ww1 and ww2,if white people are anything they are definitely not good


  8. I do not consider Jews to be a member of the white race. Jews are different from every other race. I consider Jews to be parasites and predators on the other races. The white race is not the enemy. The Jewish race is the enemy.


  9. Race very much has something to do with it. The Jewish race is the predator and parasitical race of planet earth that is at war and in competition with all other races for control of the world. Religion is just one aspect of it and a minor one at that. You must look far beyond Religion to see the real perps here. Jews both hate Christianity and Islam while at the same time using Christianity and Islam as a means to end to further Jewish World control.


  10. The only race I am against is the Jewish race and for good cause. If the Jewish race were not evil and a predator race then I would have no reason to be against them. I am racist because Jews were racist before me. My racism is simply a reaction to Jewish racism.


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