A Clarification about Aaron Russo

A comment was made on this Blog recently concerning this video interview of Aaron Russo which I posted a link to.  What the commenter said is that because Alex Jones is doing the interview of Aaron Russo and because Aaron Russo does not identify Jews as being behind what is going on but instead talks about the CFR and the Rockefellers that Aaron Russo is just another disinformation agent.  I feel compelled to address in this post what I consider to be a fundamental misunderstanding on the part of the commenter and possibly other readers of this Blog.  I may have contributed to this misunderstanding in previous posts so I want to set the record straight for everyone reading this what I think about Aaron Russo.

First of all Aaron Russo is a Jew and as I have said I am very untrustworthy of Jews as people who tell the truth about Jews to non Jews, but there are exceptions.  Bobby Fischer is one such exception in being a Jew who tells the truth about the Jewish race and I respect Fischer for it.  I consider Aaron Russo to be another exception.  Aaron Russo was given the choice to join the Jewish big table of the CFR and he rejected it.  He not only rejected it but he made the decision to expose parts of the Jewish Master Plan.  For this reason I consider Aaron Russo a Jewish hero who did the right thing when it would have been so easy for him to just to be one of the bad guys like so many fellow Jews have done.  

As for Alex Jones who is conducting the interview of Aaron Russo in that video, as I have said on many posts on this Blog I consider Alex Jones to be a Zionist disinformation agent but its possible that Alex Jones was at one time honest and trying to expose he truth and then at some point he changed and started putting tin foil on his head.  I do not know the full story of Alex Jones but what I want to say is that just because Alex Jones is conducting this interview of Aaron Russo is no reason to disregard the video as disinformation.  The truth can sometimes come from bad or questionable sources and we should not throw out the baby with the bathwater by categorically dismissing what Aaron Russo says just because the fat Zionist PSYOP known as Alex Jones (which is not even his real name) is asking the questions here.  I want people to ignore Alex Jones in that video and just focus on what Aaron Russo says.

As for Aaron Russo talking about the CFR and the Rockefellers and not Jews as being behind what is going on, that means nothing.  The CFR is a front organization controlled by Jews, which everyone here should already know.  As for the Rockefellers, they are secretly Jewish.  It does not matter at all that Aaron Russo never specifically mentions Jews in that interview.  Russo mentions the CFR and the Rockefellers which are both Jewish so he is talking about Jews without specifically saying the word \”Jew\”.  I do not want people to be so rigid that they reject anyone who does not say the word \”Jew\” as being a truth teller.  

I consider Aaron Russo, even though he is a Jew who is being interviewed by Alex Jones and who never explicitly says the word \”Jew\” as a Hero who outed to the world part of the Jewish Master Plan which was revealed to him.  I one hundred percent believe that his decision to do that cost Aaron Russo his life.  He was murdered to silence him so he could not disclose anything else which was revealed to him by the Jewish higher ups.  He told us the truth at the cost of his own life is they way I see Aaron Russo and I cannot respect him more for doing that.

In the remainder of this post I want to list everything that Aaron Russo said in that interview for further analysis because I think that what he said is VERY important.  What he is revealing here is the plans of the Jews for the world in the future.  There is nothing more important than this that I can say on my Blog.  We need to know what the plans of the Jews are.  So here is a summary of everything Aaron Russo said in that video.

The Jews want to create a one world government run by the banking industry/bankers (Jews).

The European Union is a means to an end of the one world government the Jews have planned.  Consider the European Union where many nations are grouped together and controlled from a central source as being a model for the plan the Jews have to control all nations of the world from a central source in Jerusalem. 

The Jews plan at some point to create a new currency called the Amero, similar to the Euro for the European Union.  Note:  This was the plan earlier but they may have since abandoned this plan in favor of going straight to a cashless society (discussed below).

The Jewish agenda is to create a one world government where everyone has an RFID chip (or more advanced technology that has been developed since the death of Aaron Russo). 

The Jews want a cashless society where all the financial information is tied to the individual via these RFID chips or more advanced technology.  Instead of having cash, the financial and banking information for a person will be taken out of the control of the person and put in the control of the banking industry (Jews).  For example, if you owe money on a bill or if you owe taxes then (((they))) can automatically deduct that from your account outside of your control.  Bill paying will be taken out of the hands of the individual and instead be automatic, so your bills get paid whether you want them paid or not.  You will have no say so in the matter.  All financial transactions will be digital.

If anyone protests against authority in this system then (((they))) can just turn off your account so you have nothing.  You cannot buy food or anything. This is the ultimate form of control that the Jews want to have over people.  Anyone who is not a willing slave to the Jews will not be able to buy or sell anything because their central account will have been disabled. If they turn off your account then its like you don\’t exist in the world anymore and you become a refugee and an outlaw. If that sounds like Dystopia to you it certainly is and this is what Jews have planned for the entire world once they get enough control. This gives the Jews total control over the people of the world.  This is the long term Jewish Master Plan and I one hundred percent believe that the Jewish Jab is related to this and is the real reason which has noting at all to do with Covid 19 that they are so insistent that everyone get the injection. Capiche?  EDIT TO ADD:  What Aaron Russo did not say but implied is that a global police state will be used to enforce this financial and economic control of everyone in the world.  In order for this system to exist then there must also be a police state which enforces that control with an iron fist approach. Individual freedoms and rights will be gone and the individual will be physically forced to comply with the demands of the state. What Aaron Russo is discussing requires a Police State to enforce it, similar to that of Russia after the 1917 Bolshevik Revolution but on a world wide scale.

Eleven months before 9-11 happened Aaron Russo was told that there was going to be an event, and out of that event the U.S. was going to invade Afghanistan to run oil pipelines from the Caspian sea; we were also going to invade Iraq to take over the Iraqi oil fields and to establish a military base in the middle east, to make the middle east part of the New World Order, and we were going to go after Hugo Chavez in Venezuela.  It is my belief that Huge Chavez was purposely given fast acting cancer to get rid of him.

The Global War on Terror was pre planned.  Its a deceptive never ending war with no real enemy.  The GWOT is a way for the U.S. Government to take over the American people.  The GWOT is a farce and fraud that exists only to terrorize and control the American people. 

9-11 was done by people in the U.S. Government and the Banking system (Jews) to perpetuate the fear of the American people and to subordinate themselves to whatever the U.S. Government wants to do. 

Everything that Aaron Russo said above I consider to be the truth. All I can do is to put the truth in front of your eyes.  What you choose to do with that truth is up to you but I hope you spread this information to others who badly need to know it. You have the responsibility to spread the truth to others just like I do.  Please do your part.

8 thoughts on “A Clarification about Aaron Russo

  1. Aeron Russo is 100% disinformation agent. There is no reason to implant chips to track people because you can already track people on smartphones which everyone has, even people in the poorest countries all have smartphones already (cheap smartphones). If they implant chips, they can only implant chips to one generation, when people marry and produce children, their children have no chips at all. Plain and simple. Therefore, implanting chips for tracking and controlling money is not only ridiculous, unnecessary but also meaningless. They already control the money by controlling the banks. If people know the Jews steal the money of people by some kind of chip bullshit (which actually bullshit, even if they want to steal the money blatantly, they can just do it by manipulating bank accounts. But it is still bullshit), people will revolt instantly when they all found their money lost for no reasons. Especially, people in Asia are serious and not so tolerant like people in the West. For example, if a South Korean president makes a slight and small mistake such as receive a small amount of money from a lobbying company, the entire country will go to the street protest heavily and intensively, and the president will be forced to go to jail for tens of years. So many Korean presidents had legal cases and went to jail. The most recent South Korean president – Park Geun-Hye, went to jail because the civilians protest so much when they heard her mistake. I read her mistake or fault and it is nowhere as big as the crimes or mistakes of Western leaders. Also, only a small number of countries has 5G systems so they cannot control the entire money of the world by implanting chips and use the 5G systems to control the chips. It is all bullshit.


  2. Besides the explanations on the above comment (please use your rationality to read them). You can see what Alex Jones promotes is often to mislead people and paint the image of truthers as dumb people. Alex Jones currently and heavily promotes the theories \”vaccines to implant chips\”. It is 100% illogical and unnecessary as I explained


  3. IMO Aaron is NOT a disinformation agent but is disclosing the real plans of the Jews which were told to him in confidence. I can already see that you do not understand. If you are the one who made the previous comment about it being impossible to implant RFID chips into everyone, I was going to make a post to address that and I definately will now because I can see that this needs to be explained so people like you understand what I am trying to say. First of all not everyone has a cell phone and also not all cell phones are the same. In order for the Jewish snake to create a system such as Aaron Russo is describing means that a unique ID has to be assigned to every person in such a way that this ID can be read from outside the person. This requires an implant of some kind that is very consistent to all people and is very reliable and cannot be changed or modified once implanted. Cell phones are not reliable and not consisent and will not do for this. Many people in the world do not have cell phones, regardless of what you may believe. It is my opinion that RFID technology is old school technology. That was what they had available when Aaron Russo was alive but since then I believe that much more advanced technology has been developed that can accomplish the same purpose as RFID chips. I very strongly suspect that injections known as Covid 19 vaccines are this new technology which serves the same purpose as RFID chips to be able to identify individuals with an ID that can be easily read from outside the body. As for newborn children getting a new ID, laws can be mandated that all newborn children must be vaccinated against Covid 19 and this will be in reality a way to inject the ID into them which remains the same for life. You do not understand how the internal ID system leads to a cashless society. I have tried to explain that in simple terms but apparently you either did not see it or did not understand my explanation. I am going to be making a new post discussing this so please read it. In that post I will address all of your questions about a cashless society. Are you the person who used to be in Vietnam, per chance? Whatever they do to bring on a cashless society will be done in steps or phases to make it seem as more acceptable to the people so people do not revolt against what they plan. Believe me that these people behind this plan are intelligent enough and patient enough to do in such a way that people will not know about it. Besides, if the technology is hidden inside the Covid 19 vaccine and you are forced to get the vaccine, then you have it in you without your consent. And then once enough people have this technology inside them then the Snakes can gradually use it for the cashless society they want. Whatever happpens will be using deception and without the knowledge or consent of the people. In other words, they will trick people into accepting what (((they))) want, kind of the like the way (((they))) tricked people with 9-11 into accepting the U.S. going to war in the middle east, which Jews wanted to happen. As for 5G, it is my opinion that 5G and later 6G technology will be developed in all countries and the reason is because there needs to be a consistent way to read these IDs globally. Just because some countries do not have it yet does not mean they will not eventually get it. Its not bullshit at all. Its just that you do not understand how that it will be possible. In the new post I make I will try to explain it better.


  4. I agree that most of what Alex Jones says is disinformation and Alex Jones cannot be trusted but that does not mean that everything Alex Jones has ever said is a lie and disinformation. I do not want what Aaron Russo said to be discredited and dismissed simply because Alex Jones is conducting the interview of him. I hate Alex Jones. He is a Zionist PSYOP but there may have been a time when he was promoting truth. I have a sense of God given discernment which I use to determine if something is true or false and my sense of discernment tells me that Aaron Russo is being truthful in that video interview. I have to rely on what my inner senses tell me. Its not about Alex Jones at all. I would like you to ignore Alex Jones and just focus on the content of what Aaron Russo said in that video. I will be addressing your concerns in the new post I am about to make. Please watch for it. I will try to break it down in simple terms. After you read that post then ask any new questions you have but do not make the mistake of calling this Bullshit. That is your own bias talking. You need to lose that bias and be open minded as to what is possible and what the long term plans of the Jews are. Its far beyond what you have envisioned.


  5. In the future, you will see this Jew is a liar because what he said is so illogical and unnecessary on so many different levels as I explained. Nothing as implanting chip by vaccines. Period. You have your inner senses combined with your thinking, and I have mine as well. I am confident in my intelligence and experience.


  6. In the future, you will see he is a disinformation agent. I have never been wrong about the truth in my entire life.


  7. All I can tell you is I believe you are wrong about Aaron Russo. I told you what I believe in my latest post and I stand by that. This is what I see as the Jewish Master Plan.


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