The Ultimate Red Pill concerning Afghanistan


On this Blog I made a post called the Ultimate Red Pill which is the conclusion of everything I have learned from taking the red pill. What that post says can be summarized in the following paragraph.

In a dishonest Jewish world where the Two Worlds Paradigm applies to almost everything, everything that is seen by the public is just a temporary dishonest means to an end that the Jews have planned in advance.  The means is not important but the end is important.

If anyone reading this does not understand the above paragraph then please feel free to ask me about it, but I consider this the ultimate red pill.  Its your \”They Live\” sunglasses to be able to see this world as it really is instead of the way the lying deceiving Jews want you to see it.  In this post I want to apply the Ultimate Red Pill to what is happening in Afghanistan right now.  Before I do, I want to post a link to a previous post I made about Afghanistan that 100% applies to the Afghanistan situation.

Afghanistan for the Red Pilled

When I created that post I could not see clearly what the Jewish plans were but I predicted that the U.S. military would be going back into Afghanistan.  Since that time, I see the picture clearer.  I see that ISIS is suddenly back in the picture.  I see all the Jewish disinformation news channels focused 24-7 on Afghanistan so I know that something big is in the works.  It came upon me suddenly as an epiphany what is really going on here, which I summarize in the following paragraph.

(((They))) are jump starting the \”Global War on Terror\” which has gone stale after twenty years since their 9-11 deception.  Considering the ultimate red pill post, everything that has happened in Afghanistan recently from the sudden decision to withdraw from Afghanistan militarily to badly \”botching\” that up, to the suicide bombing and to the reemergence of ISIS is all just the means to an end of restarting the GWOT.   There are no actual terrorists involved but fake terrorists like ISIS owned and controlled by the Jews.  Any terror is either a deception or a false flag operation.  None of this is genuine or honest.  But the actual end is for the Jews to control the world and especially to control the middle east, the same as it was twenty years ago. 

As exposed by Aaron Russo, the GWOT is a purposely planned unending war against an unseen and undefined enemy that exists simply to deceive the people.  The GWOT is as unreal as the 9-11 \”terrorist attack\” was but the people behind those schemes (WHO ARE JEWS and JEWISH MINIONS) do not want their deception of twenty years ago to go to waste and to be forgotten so they are restarting for a whole new generation who was not around in 2001 or was too young to know what was going on then.  It should come as no surprise to anyone that they are doing this and that they waited for almost 20 years exactly to do so.  Undoubtedly this is what they planned to do all along. But this time they have other goals in mind also.  This time I predict that Iran is going to become a real target of the U.S. military and its allies for \”regime change\”.  

Another reason I see this is happening now is as a way to distract the public\’s attention away from the Dystopian world wide measures to get the Jewish Jab into every human body on the planet.  An increasing number of people are seeing the truth about what is happening concerning this nefarious Jewish plan and so Jews want to distract people\’s attention away from that and onto this Afghanistan Bullshit in order to keep the public ignorant about the Jewish hidden hand in this whole Covid 19 thing.  I predict they will fail.  Too many people already know about the dishonesty of the entire Covid 19 plandemic and they will not be distracted by this Jewish sleight of hand in Afghanistan.  The red pilled should ignore Afghanistan and ISIS and the GWOT completely and keep focused on the plandemic.  The fake plandemic is where our focus needs to stay.  Do not be distracted away from the truth by the Jewish liars on CNN and Fox News.  

6 thoughts on “The Ultimate Red Pill concerning Afghanistan

  1. Are you so busy because you have to migrate the entire blog to a new platform, and at the same time, you also research truths and write posts to explain to people? You can choose to migrate your blog in a longer time by only moving a few old posts per day so that you can be less busy.


  2. Is Aaron Russo interviewed by Alex Jones? Alex Jones? Aeron Russo didn't talk anything about Afghanistan or GWOT in the video you shared above, he pointed to all directions such as the Council on Foreign Relations, the NWO, etc. but not said it was the Jews. Beware of another disinformation from the establishment. They are absolutely cunning and deceptive which cannot be trusted. I suspect the entire microchip thing is just disinformation campaign bullshit because it is too impossible to happen.


  3. Spreading truth to people about things which are happening right now like in Afghanistan is more important to me right now than migrating the Blog, especially since I perceive that so many people are clueless about what is going on. I feel I have a responsibility to red pill people about this.


  4. Yes Aaron Russo is being interviewed by Alex Jones and Alex Jones is a Zionist shill. As I mentioned in a previous post, I believe that Alex Jones may have been trying to uncover and expose the truth at one time but after that he became a shill. Aaron Russo does indeed talk about Afghanistan and Iraq and the GWOT in that video. You must have missed it. Go to around the 2:30 mark in that video and watch from there. Aaron Russo is a Jew so I do not expect him to identify the Jews as being behind this but he does expose the Jewish plans. The CFR and the NWO ae just fronts for the Jewish world order. I know this and so should you by now. I am not deceived by what Aaron Russo says but Aaron Russo is a Jewish insider who actually told what the Jewish plans for the world are. That is why I gave a link to this video here. No, you are wrong about the microchipping of humanity being impossible. I recently made two posts on this Blog about human microchipping. Not impossible and very real. I suggest you go look at those two posts, starting with the one called \”Human Microchipping Technology\”. Its very real and I 100% believe that Aaron Russo told the truth about the plans to microchip humanity or something similar to microchipping like the Covid 19 injections. Do not stick your head in the sand about what is possible in this evil Jewish world.


  5. you must know the UN is controlling all western nations recovid BS, the communists (i,m sure you know who they are) havehad control of the UN since its inception, remember the WHO is a part of the UN


  6. No. Not the U.N. The UN is just another false front for Jewish world control. Same for the communists. Communism is another false front for Jewish world control. So is Capitalism. I am afraid you are deceived about who is really in control of this world if you think the buck stops at the door of the UN. You have much to learn. I can teach you if you are willing be taught.


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