Red Pill of the Day


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Just to explain this post for anyone who does not understand it, I consider \”Covid 19\” to be for the most part media driven hysteria by the Jew owned Establishment.  The vast majority of the alleged deaths from Covid 19 IMO is either disinformation (i.e. complete fiction) or death by other causes that have been purposefully misclassified as Covid 19. The purpose of this Establishment disinformation was to make the public believe that a deadly virus was spreading all over the world with the end goal in mind of getting everyone injected.  Its been about pushing the injection into everyone from the very beginning. But since the beginning of the plandemic I have had no fear at all of catching Covid 19.  I will never be injected.  I will never wear a mask, to the best of my ability unless I am forced to in order to get some service which is denied to me unless I wear a mask).  I will not social distance.  I do not give a shit about Covid 19 and I hate those who are behind it.  That said, I believe there are likely some who are getting sick and dying from some purposely spread biological agent to certain people or in certain areas in order to give the appearance of legitimacy to the Covid 19 scam.  It is very likely that they are doing that, however I think the general public is in no danger of catching this.  The real enemy of the public is the Jews who are behind this very evil scheme to transform the entire world into a Jewish kingdom.  We need to go war against the Jews. Unless we do they are going to keep doing things like this and it will inevitably get worse and worse and worse.  Jews will NEVER stop unless they are stopped. Hear my voice!

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