Australian Dystopia


A reader of this Blog asked me what is happening in Australia because he has not been watching any main stream media sources to learn about it.  I decided to create a post summarizing the Australian situation for this person and for anyone else like him but before I do I want to say that before I created this Blog I too cut myself off from all main stream media \”news\” for a long time.  I did this for two reasons.  One is that I hated the main stream media and I did not want to even be subjected to its 24-7 lies and propaganda.  The other reason I cut myself off from the media is for my own peace of mind.  This was in 2019 when the global plandemic was just heating up for the first time and I was so disturbed by what I was seeing on the news that I refused to watch it.  I did not watch any news for a long time.  I completely cut myself off from the outside world but after doing this for a sufficient amount of time I felt I was losing contact the outside world.  I felt the need to know what was happening in the world, even if what is happening is bad.  Those who take the real red pill are never going to be happy with what they see in the world because its a very heavy negative scene to behold.  But I say it is better to know than to not know what is going on in the world.  We have a responsibility to know about bad things in the world so at least we can address them honestly as I try to do on this Blog.  

Now on to the topic of Australia.  To be honest, I have been afraid to look too closely at what is happening in Australia because it is too upsetting to me.  Some things I really do not want to see too clearly lest I be emotionally and mentally injured by the knowing of them so I have not spent a great deal of time looking at the Australian situation beyond seeing that a very bad Dystopia has befallen Australian society and the Truckers of Australia are courageously staging a nation wide protest over it at the end of this month (see the image above).  I really do not want to see what is happening in Australia but for the sake of the commenter I will provide some links to demonstrate the Dystopia that has befallen Australia over the Covid 19 injections.  I predict this kind of thing will spread to other parts of the world and it is horrifying to me to think of how bad it could get.  It could get really fucking bad.  But without me having to look at it too closely, here are some links for the red pilled about the Australia situation and also a video.

Australia is Under Dystopian, Military-Enforced Lockdown Despite Less Than 5 COVID Deaths a Day

Australia Dystopia

And you thought “Road Warrior” was dystopian. How about Australia now? [Video]

Australia Is in the Middle of a ‘Dystopian Nightmare’

Australia’s Dystopian Future

Welcome to 1984, Australian Style. If you pray, pray for the people of Australia who are caught up in this Dystopian madness and also pray that it does not come to where you live.

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