Humanity is Trapped in a Jewish Vise

Migration of this Blog is in the works but until that happens I have decided to temporarily continue this Blog with the understanding that at any time Google can censor any additional post on this Blog or even delete the entire Blog as they did to Northern Truth Seeker and to other Blogs.  Just so you and I both understand that this Blog is hosted in enemy territory and that it could at any time be fucked with at will by Google then I have no problem with doing this.  I believe my voice is needed to be heard in light of all the insanity that is happening in Australia, Europe and other places in the world and I do not want to silence myself just because Google is a censoring Jew owned platform.  So I continue this Blog temporarily here so I can get my message out to the public so my voice is heard during these bad times humanity is facing.

I consider myself to be like a pastor of a new Religion called Truth.  My Religion is not based on Christianity but is based upon uncensored Truth about this world.  Truth is the most important thing of all to be known by all people in this world and I am a big believer in getting the truth out to the people.  I compare my posts to sermons and the title of today\’s sermon is Humanity is Trapped in a Jewish Vise.  You don\’t really need me to tell you this but I feel the need to break it down for the sake of enlightenment.  As I said in this post, Jews are behind Covid 19 and the Injections. What is happening is not in any way spontaneous. Jews and their minions planned this whole thing out in advance as a PSYOP on humanity world wide in every country.  We have seen big PSYOPs before such as 9-11 but we have never before seen a world wide PSYOP like this.  Such a PSYOP has undoubtedly been carefully planned and tweaked for many years, perhaps decades, before it has been put into operation.  Jews got control of the world for many reasons and one of those reasons is to do with humanity (and by that I mean non Jews.  I do not consider Jews to be humanity.  I consider Jews to be a predator race on humanity) whatever Jews want to do.  Jews treat humanity as nothing more than cattle and the Jews have decided that all of their cattle are going to be injected with something.  What that something is and what that something will do may not be completely clear at this point but what should be clear to every red pilled person at this point is that those who are behind this plandemic are inherently dishonest and deceptive and are not to be trusted.  Our welfare is not the goal of this plandemic but it has a different reason or reasons that is being hidden from the public. Ultimately the injections are a way for Jews to control humanity.  I have discussed on this Blog how the injections can be used to control humanity but what I want to say in this post is that Humanity is Trapped in a Jewish Vise and that vise is slowly tightening its grip on the non Jewish populations of the world.  This is obviously what is happening and I predict its going to get worse and worse.  

Of course I am aware of the situation in Australia, which is probably the worst we have seen so far.  I am also aware that the unvaccinated are being denied access to grocery stores in countries like France.  This is Dystopia which I predicted was coming in posts such a this one.  What is happening in Australia and France and other places concerning restrictions placed upon those who refuse to get the injection is all part of the Jewish plan to force all of their cattle to take the shot.  No shot.  No services.  Its a way for Jews to blackmail humanity into taking the shot and paying for it out of their own pocket.  The red pilled will never comply but I am afraid that the rest of humanity is going to be slowly squeezed in the Jewish vise until they capitulate and voluntarily take the Jewish Jab.  See the following post:

Blackmail is Next on the Snake Agenda for Humanity

We are at war and the enemy we face is from within.  An external enemy that is identified and known can be resisted but an enemy that is from within and is not known cannot be resisted, and this is part of the Jewish Master Plan.  Jews control all the major governments and other institutions of the world and they act through them so the Jewish hidden hand is invisible to most.  This is what makes the Jews so nefarious is that they use any underhanded scheme and method to get their way. Jews have no rules other than to win by any means necessary. 

Jews are very intent on getting their way and they have no tolerance for what humanity wants or does not want. Cattle have no say so in what their owners want. The need for humanity to revolt against this nefarious scheme is more urgent now than before as it becomes clearer and clearer what the intent of the Jews is.  Those who are hoping that if they just wait it out that they will not be caught up in this temporary insanity and that things will eventually go back to the way they were before are deceiving themselves.  I have bad news for those who think that, which is that unless humanity resists what is happening that the world is never going back to what it has been.  Its only going to get worse and worse and worse.  I am not being black pilled in saying this but I am being completely realistic in just stating the truth as I see it.  The entire world is being taken to a bad place by the Jews under their control.  Even though I cannot see where the train is heading I can already tell you that I do not want to go where Jews are taking the world.  I want no part of it.  But its not a question of what you or I want.  Its a question of what is inevitably going to happen unless there is a revolution of humanity against it.  Do you understand that?

I do not know why I am living at this particular time to watch as the entire world slides into Jewish Dystopia but perhaps I am here just so I can warn the non Jewish world about what it needs to do now.  Why did I spend over ten years taking the red pill over 9-11?  I did not learn it just for myself.  I learned it so that I would know enough to help teach the non Jewish world what the Jews are up to.  That is the entire reason I started this Blog in the first place, to help educate the non Jewish world about the Jews and their plans.   Even though Google is censoring my effort I believe it is important for me to be heard. I consider myself to be a prophet to the non Jewish world to tell them what needs to be done now to resist the Jewish Master Plan.  Humanity must resist the Jewish Master Plan or it will be destroyed by the Jewish Master Plan.  There is no middle ground here.  We must either fight to keep what freedoms we have left or watch helplessly as our \”freedoms\” are taken away one by one by our Jewish masters until we fall to our knees in submission before them.  Humanity has no choice but to fight because to not fight means total slavery and death for humanity.  Let him who has ears to hear understand my words.

Christianity is my enemy here.  Christianity teaches people to be weak and passive.  When I am weak I am strong.  Christianity teaches people to let the Jews steal from you without resisting.  Christianity teaches people to let the Jews smite you without resisting.  Christianity teaches people to never to judge on their own but to trust that whatever happens is just and God\’s will.. Christianity teaches people to never go to war or to physically resist evil.  Christianity teaches people to even allow yourself to be killed without resisting as Christ set an example. The most Christ-like thing you can do is to let yourself be killed without resisting just like Jesus did.  All of Christianity is Jewish brainwashing to condition non Jews to be exactly the way Jews want them to be as passive compliant sheep who will never resist anything and never go to war and will allow themselves to be treated in any way and even killed without resisting it.  That is what Christianity teaches non Jews and the reason I call it the enemy of humanity that pretends to be the greatest friend of humanity.  Jews use Christianity to mentally cripple non Jews and make them sheep but I have a different mission.  My mission is to help humanity save itself from the Jewish menace and Christianity is my clear enemy in this.  I hope you understand why I say this.  What I say about Christianity I feel compelled to say and I feel very good to say it plainly as I am saying here.  It\’s high time to call a spade a spade regarding Christianity and say what it really is and what function it really serves in this lying deceiving Jewish world.

As I said before, Jews have planned what is happening now for many years and perhaps even for decades and in that planning Jews have anticipated every response that humanity might have to the Jewish plan and Jews have prepared their own responses in advance for every possible anticipated contingency, including Revolution.  Yes, Jews have already anticipated that the people will revolt against Jewish Tyranny.  That is what the January 6th fake insurrection was about; to make the people afraid to revolt regardless of what happens.  But I tell you that Revolution is the only thing is going to save Humanity.

There are some who believe that God is controlling everything that happens in this world but I am not one of those. I say that evil deceptive men are running this world but I believe that God exists within all men. God is not going to save us from this fate that the Jews are forcing on the world but the God inside of humanity wants humanity to save itself.  When confronted with a great evil as we are confronted with now, we have the responsibility to resist it and fight against what is happening.  Understand what I say in the following sentence and know I mean it from the bottom of my heart:


If you think our politicians and leaders are going to save us, think again.  There are no Politicians or leaders on our side in this struggle.  They are ALL owned by the Jewish enemy.  Even Senator Rand Paul who I not long ago called a Hero because he spoke out against the renewed mask mandates is owned by the Jews.  See below image.

Just another Jewish puppet:

Every politician and leader is against us.  Biden.  Trump.  All Democratic Politicians.  All Republican Politicians.  Jews own them all.  So we have no political solution available to us.  Our only option is to fight.  For us to begin to fight back against the evil Jewish tyranny, there must be an organized resistance movement.  I have been calling for that since before I started this Blog but it is still nowhere in sight.  What we have now is a very disorganized non centralized vocal dissent to what is happening but no organized resistance.  That must change if we are to even have a chance of resisting the Jewish Master Plan.  An Organized Resistance must start as soon as possible.  Just think of all the support that such a resistance movement would have once it got started.  There are millions of people in the world opposed to what is happening but they are not organized into any effective resistance movement and it would be so easy for that to happen.  Why has it not happened?  Why is humanity down on its knees instead of at least resisting this insanity?  I call upon Humanity to organize a resistance to the great evil that Jews are doing to the world.  I am not a leader and am in not in a position to organize such a resistance movement but I do recognize that it is urgently needed now.  Unless we band together against this insanity then we will be eventually overwhelmed by it.  This is my clear warning to Humanity about what needs to be done at a minimum to resist what is happening.  If not, I am afraid that what is happening in Australia right now is just the beginning.  Jewish Utopia means non Jewish Dystopia.  You cannot have one without the other.  


I congratulate and support the Truckers of Australia for having a spine and standing up to the Jew controlled Dystopian Australian government.   At least they are resisting what is happening in their country.  What are the Americans doing to resist?  Nada.  No protests at all as their freedoms and liberties are being taken away one by one simply for refusing to take the injection.  What is it going to take to get the American people to revolt?  I wonder how bad it would have to get here before we see something like this happen in America.  It might not be very long before the tyranny seen in Australia comes to America.  Time to buy a big gun and plenty of ammunition because I predict Dystopia is coming to America.  The Second Amendment was added to the U.S. Constitution with times like this in mind.

On an unrelated note, this is the best description of QAnon I have seen anywhere.  Whoever made this, Kudos for your insight.  Excellent.

Here is something unexpected from the lying Biden Press Secretary Jen Psaki.  Click on the image to hear her Freudian slip:

10 thoughts on “Humanity is Trapped in a Jewish Vise

  1. To : No longer a Trump supporter, Thank you for your work. Please try to keep your website up and running as long as you can. I think it's an excellent website. Very informative and very thought-provoking. Very truthful. Straight-forwrd, honest, truthful. You're doing a great job.From : Joe


  2. What happens in Australia? I refuse to watch all media because I hate it, no matter it is conservative media or liberal media.


  3. We are all going to be squeezed. I hate to think this but the jabbed need to start getting sick so people will wake up.


  4. Bad things are happening in Australia. I have not made a post about it because I assumed that everyone knows what is going on there but based on your comment I will probably make a brief post about it, just to let people like you know what is going on in the world. At one point I also refused to watch all main stream media but I felt detached from the external world from doing that. Even though it disturbs my peace of mind to know what happens in the world, I feel a need to know. I feel a responsibility to know about the injustices happening in the world in places such as Australia so I can address them. To not know is to allow the Snakes to get away with murder and everything else. I hope that makes sense.


  5. Please answer my question. I remember that you said God takes the side against humanity in revelation. Can you explain why you think God is against humanity in revelation?


  6. The book of Revelation does indeed say that God will take the side of Jews against non Jews in a coming world wide war. I believe that this is what Jews want non Jews to believe but it is not the truth. Its brainwashing of non Jews by Jews. It is predictive programming of what Jews have planned long ago for the future. Google deleted my Jewish Master Plan post but this should have been included in it, because Jews have a plan for making this happen at some point in the future. I want to say that I believe in a God but I do not believe that \”the God\” shown in the Christian Bible is the real God of the universe but a falsely created God who loves the Jews and condemns non Jews. When I speak of humanity, I am talking about non Jews. Jews have separated themselves from humanity and they are their own people. Everyone else is in some other class. You must distinguish between Jews and non Jews when discussing humanity. I have read the Bible including the book of Revelation and there is no doubt in my mind that it says that God (if you believe that is the real God) has favored Jews to rule the entire world and to subjugate all other people and nations. Its clearly in there.


  7. A Crucial Question:
    If Christianity is fake, which it is, THEN it can’t be the Devil™ that is running the Jews, that owns and operates the Jewish Hive-Mind, because the Devil is thus also fake.

    So what entity or program is behind the Jews and their ancient and usually successful sociopathic scheme?


    1. We are conditioned by Christianity to believe in a spiritual Devil but I am not a believer of that. If there is a Devil in this picture, it is the Jewish race itself. You are looking for an external entity that controls the Jewish race and I say that this does not exist. You do not need an external entity to explain the Jews. All you need is a corrupt group of men who are willing to do whatever it takes to own and control the entire world. That is how I see it. It is the organization of evil corrupt men who has made the Jewish empire so successful and its happened gradually over centuries.


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