Is Paul Walker Jewish?

It is the position of this Blog that the death of the Hollywood actor known as Paul Walker was staged or faked and that this man is still alive and well somewhere. See this post and this post.

As part of my contention that Paul Walker\’s death was staged I suspect he is Jewish as so many other Hollywood actors are Jewish.  It is not because Paul Walker was a famous Hollywood actor that I suspect him of being Jewish (many Hollywood actors are not Jewish) but because his death was staged. In a world that has been turned into a Jewish stage by Jewish control, it is far more likely that a Jew\’s death would be staged than a non Jew\’s death.  Some other Jews I believe also had their deaths faked for them are Jeffrey Epstein and Isaac Kappy.  I contend that both were Jewish agents.

I have been searching on the internet for any evidence that Paul Walker is/was Jewish without success until I came up with this link on a no longer existing web site that has been archived.

Are Paul Walker and Roger Rodas Zionist Moles?

Are Paul Walker and Roger Rodas secretive Zionist moles masquerading as others, like Mormons or Christians? Are they instead really Zionist agents, even Zionist Jews?

The real question is, “How could Paul Walker and Roger Rodas fake their deaths?” and “What kind of person would do this?”

Amie Kaz is Paul Walker\’s half sister. Who is Amie Kaz? In fact, Kaz is a derivative of Katz and is strictly a Jewish surname, as follows:

According to Sam Katz the correct spelling (of the name) is actually KAhanim TZadik – KATZ.US website) Etiology of Katz Surname Katz – Jewish (Ashkenazic): acronym from the Hebrew phrase kohen tsedek (priest of righteousness) Jewish Encyclopedia Information on Kaz/Katz Surname Kaz – A frequent Jewish family name, spelled also Katz, and found in similar forms, such as Katzer. It is an abbreviation formed from the initials of the name Kohen Tzedeq, and has been used since the seventeenth century, or perhaps somewhat earlier, as an epithet of the descendants of Aaron.

More to Come.

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