The Andrew Cuomo Resignation for the Red Pilled


In a world where both the Establishment main stream media and the controlled opposition alternative media are both working for the Jewish Snake telling the public what the Snake wants them to believe instead of telling the truth, I feel compelled to be a third voice telling the red pilled public what they will probably see nowhere else in this lying Jewish World.  So I feel compelled to weigh in on the Andrew Cuomo Resignation to let the red pilled know what is really going on here.  

As with everything else in this world, you need to be fully aware of the Two Worlds Paradigm and know that it applies to this too.  You should also understand this post:  We are living in a Jewish Zoo.  Before I continue, I make the assumption I am talking to a Red Pilled person who understands these things.  If that is not you then read no further, because I am not talking to you.  

Andrew Cuomo is a non Jewish minion of the Jews as is his CNN hosting brother.  Both are willing puppets for the Jews on the Jewish World stage.  One common method that Jews use to discredit people on the Jewish World stage is sexual harassment claims.  Any person in any position of importance on the Jewish World stage that the Jews want to remove from that position, sexual harassment claims are a very easy way to do that.  Of course the claims are entirely dishonest but what about Jews is not dishonest?  Dishonesty is a virtue to Jews.  But the point I am trying to make is that this method of removing someone from authority can be used against honest people and against dishonest Jewish minions like Andrew Cuomo.  So the question you might be asking yourself right now is why in the world would Jews bring sexual harassment claims against their own minion to remove him from power?  I am about to answer that question but before I do, Andrew Cuomo is certainly not the only Jewish puppet to be attacked and removed from his position due to sexual harassment claims.  There have been many many others.  If Jews bring sexual harassment claims against one of their own puppets then there is a reason for it that is completely hidden from the public.  I contend that such as the case in the Andrew Cuomo sexual harassment claims and subsequent resignation.  Allow me to explain how I see it.

Before all these sexual harassment accusers suddenly came out of the woodwork to attack Andrew Cuomo, he was involved an entirely different set of allegations involving a large amount of deaths of elderly people housed in nursing homes New York.   Here are some links to articles about that if you did not know about that.  Certainly the Jewish Main Stream media has not tried to make people aware of this.

Cuomo nursing home order did cause more deaths, should’ve been reversed sooner: task force

Andrew Cuomo Does Not Reveal Number of Nursing Home Dead in Coronavirus ‘Leadership’ Memoir

Cuomo on nursing home deaths — ‘who cares…they died’

Gov. Cuomo, Who Killed 11,000 Nursing Home Patients, Blames Trump for Corona Deaths in NY


Team Cuomo’s nursing-home coverup was even worse than we knew

The real scandal here is NOT the sexual harassment claims against Andrew Cuomo but the many thousands of elderly who died in New York nursing under his \”leadership\” who Cuomo apparently did not give a fuck about.  This is the real scandal Andrew Cuomo was embroiled in before even a single sexual harassment claim had been made against him in the Jewish media.  It was only after that scandal was coming to public awareness that Andrew Cuomo suddenly became a notorious sexual harasser of women.  And that reveals, or at least it should reveal, to the red pilled what is really going on here.

As I have said on this Blog any posts such as this one, Jews are behind Covid 19 and the injections.  Jews want to keep the public in the dark about what is really going on concerning Covid 19.  One purpose of Covid 19 which I have surmised is to kill off the elderly.  Jews want to hide this.  So for Andrew Cuomo to be in the middle of scandal involving thousands of dead elderly people in New York nursing homes made Cuomo a sudden liability to his Jewish masters.  Even though Cuomo was always a Jewish puppet, when he became involved in this nursing home scandal he became a liability to the Jewish leadership.  So the Jewish response is immediate and perfectly understandable.  Change the story from the nursing home scandal to the sexual harassment scandal.  Suddenly the nursing home scandal is drowned out by the sexual harassment claims scandal which the Jews are spreading everywhere on their media.  Jews talked as little as possible about the New York nursing home scandal on their media so the public would be unaware of it but the sexual harassment claims scandal they spread everywhere.  Very few people are going to even know about the nursing home scandal and everyone is going to see the sexual harassment claims scandal as being the reason Cuomo resigned.  Are you understanding?  Jews created a false scandal around their puppet to hide a real scandal that they did not want the public to know about and as usual its working.  Every blue pilled fuck out there is talking about Cuomo as a sexual harasser and the Covid 19 nursing home deaths are swept quietly under the rug and completely forgotten.  Mission Accomplished.

If I have not explained this well enough for you then please ask questions in the comments.

2 thoughts on “The Andrew Cuomo Resignation for the Red Pilled

  1. You mentioned nypost and breitbart as the sources for your information. Are New York Post and Breitbart the two trustworthy media sites without the influence of the Jews or their minions?


  2. The New York post is a main stream media publication owned by the Jews. Breitbart is directly associated with Israel. Neither are trustworthy. Both are minions.


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