More Discussion of Jackie Assassinating JFK

More Discussion of Jackie Assassinating JFK

One item of particular importance in that link is evidence linking Jackie with the CIA before she even met JFK.  It is my very strong contention that the CIA played a very central role in the JFK assassination and that Jackie was an agent of the CIA before she even met JFK.  Even after she was married to JFK, Jackie remained a CIA agent and asset.  

I also found another great video that clearly shows Jackie killing JFK for those who are too blind to see.

4 thoughts on “More Discussion of Jackie Assassinating JFK

  1. I know we should not judge people by their appearance, and appearance can be very deceptive. However, when I look at some pictures of Jackie in your blog (especially this picture), her face somehow looks evil. If you look at her face carefully enough, she looks like an evil Jew (maybe because she is one)


  2. I have been showing that gif about Jacke killing JFK to people for years on Youtube before I even began this blog and I really suspect a lot of people who responded to my posts were Jews. They all claimed \”I cannot see anything!\” in that gif and I thought then what I think now. They are lying. They know EXACTLY what I am saying and they are too dishonest to admit it. I realize that some honest people have a hard time seeing this and believing this. I was one who literally was blind to it for most of my life because nobody told me anything different. But I believe there is a Jewish disinformation campaign to either completely deny this or to counter it with the claim of \”The Driver did it.\” I have seen both responses. Its very telling to me that so few people APPEAR to want to accept this. Another thing is that some Jews or Trolls have misled me into thinking they believe this and to have me tell them details and then to later reveal that they were never on my side and to viciously attack me. I have seen it all as someone trying to spread the truth about something which I think its very important for every American citizen to know.


  3. There was one picture of Jackie with an evil looking face who was looking into a camera while sitting inside the Limousine on that day. I saw that picture several times but when I look for it again I cannot find it. But here is what you and everyone must know. Since before JFK and Jackie landed at Love field in Dallas Texas, Jackie knew full well what she was going to do. She acted completely normal but she knew what she was going to do. That evil Jackie face I saw in the Limo was IMO her true face where she was showing her evil side. I think she is an evil Jew.


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