It\'s the Jews!


Jews love to hide in the shadows behind false fronts.  While (((they))) have most non Jews afraid to even say the word Jew in public,  (((they))) have their controlled opposition disinformation agents hard at work in the truther community pointing away from the Jews toward many false fronts.  As long as the general public does not blame the Jews then Jews don\’t care who the public blames for the world\’s evils.  The above image shows some of the false fronts Jews hide behind.  Here are some others.
It\’s the Aliens!
It\’s the UFOs!
It\’s CERN!
It\’s the Khazarian Mafia!
It\’s the Democrats!
It\’s the Deep State!
It\’s the Cabal!
It\’s a Satanic Cult!
It\’s the U.N.!
It\’s the Globalists!
It\’s the NWO!
It\’s China!
It\’s Russia/Putin!
It\’s the Muslims!
It\’s the Iranians!
It\’s the Taliban!
It\’s \”the Terrorists\”!
It\’s Al Queda!
It\’s CNN!
It\’s Blackrock!
It\’s the Bush Crime Family!
It\’s the Clintons!
It\’s the Rothchilds!
It\’s the Bankers!
It\’s George Soros!
It\’s Antifa!
It\’s Liberals!
It\’s the Jesuits!
It\’s the Catholic Church!
It\’s the Bilderberg group!
It\’s Bohemian Grove!
It\’s the CFR!
It\’s the Nazi\’s!
It\’s the CIA!
It\’s the Military Industrial Complex!
It\’s MI6!
It\’s Satanists!
It\’s the occult!
It\’s Demons!
It\’s the Zionists!
It\’s ANYBODY except the Jews!  Jews are victims!  Never Forget the Six Gorillion!

2 thoughts on “It\'s the Jews!

  1. They are the king of blame. They love to blame Whites, and now they blame the Chinese (although Jews influence both White nations and China but the Whites and Chinese are not that evil). Even Ben Garrison has fallen for this trap, I saw so many of his arts now target the Chinese for all the chaos and evil in the world, and he becomes much less focused on the Jews. For example, now his art tells us that all the big tech companies in the US are controlled by China instead of the Jews (this link for example ). This is so bullshit. This may be because Ben Garrison is a hard-core Trump supporter, and Trump said \”China will own the US and we have to learn Chinese if Biden wins\”. A pastor whom I know now blames the Marxist Chinese and Bill Gates (a frontman who is willing to sacrifice his fame and life for his tribe) for all the evil instead of the Jews. This angry pastor is also a Trump supporter, but his anger targets the wrong opponents because this pastor worships Israel and the Jews (the enemy) instead.


  2. I do not trust Ben Garrison even if some of his cartoons appear to expose the Jewish problem. It appears that someone besides Ben Garrison has been modifying his cartoons to show the Jewish problem and its not Ben Garrison doing that. I was a Trump supporter for a while until I came to my senses but anyone who remains a long time Trump Supporter is either controlled opposition or an idiot. Bill Gates is more than a front man. He is part of the evil Jewish Snake. Most Christians have been deceived to support Israel and Jews so it is no surprise what you say.


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