Many Anti Jewish Web Sites Are Controlled Opposition

This is a post that I intended to make quite some time ago but I never got around to it, but what I have discovered is that many web sites that appear to be anti-Jewish or anti-Zionist are in reality controlled opposition web sites which are very likely run by Jews themselves.  Here are three web sites that I identify as being in this category but there are many others besides these on the internet.


As someone who has long been aware of the Jewish problem, of course I became aware of Stormfront,org and I became a member and commenter there.  I made the false assumption that the people running this web site are honest and care only about the truth being known to all people.  Big mistake.  In attempting to spread truth about various Jewish deceptions on Stormfront I quickly drew the ire of the moderators of this forum, especially when I tried to expose the Apollo moon landings hoax there.  If anyone reading this is a member of Stormfront then you know they are really big promotors of the Apollo moon landings as being authentic and they will not allow anyone to call them a lie.  That right there is a huge red flag that exposes Stormfront as a controlled opposition site.  I met similar resistance there when I tried to expose that Jackie was the assassin of JFK.  Other truths I tried to expose there were either completely ignored or attacked by trolls on the web site.  And that is another thing I want to say about Stormfront, that it is filled with trolls who are very active in posting on that site and who are pushing Establishment agendas and viewpoints to everyone looking at that site.  I know that some members of that site are honest and sincere but the site in general is very untrustworthy and I recommend it to nobody.  Another thing is that they are very big on promoting White Supremacy and trying to promote racial divisions.  This is a Jewish tactic to divide the races and I want nothing to do with it.  White Supremacy is as wrong as Jewish Supremacy.  No race is superior over another race, regardless of circumstances.  We are all created by God and equal in God\’s eyes, so anyone promoting supremacy and division is an enemy in disguise.  Its not a very good disguise.  Anyone with their eyes even partially open can see that there is something really wrong with Stormfront.  Do not go there because it is Jewish poison for your mind.  Another big tell that this site is controlled opposition is that it has been allowed to exist for so long and has not been shut down by the Jews.  In an age where truther channels and web sites are being deleted everywhere by Jews, miraculously remains untouched by Jewish censorship.  What else would one expect from a controlled opposition site that is actually run by Jews?

Another thing I suspect about Stormfront is that it is a honey trap to allow Jews to identify who their enemies are in the world.  Have you ever heard of \”David Goldberg\” and his spiel about Tag, Track and Identify?  If not, you should go find that and at least listen to what he said.  Although I suspect disinformation in the identity of \”David Goldberg\” when I heard what he said about Tag, Track and Identify I sensed I was hearing some truth.  What  \”David Goldberg\” said is that Jews are operating web sites so they can identify who their enemies are in the world so that they can later deal with them.  He said what they are doing is to identify the real people who are behind online avatars who are against Jews so they can punish these people in some way later.  When I heard that I immediately thought of Stormfront.  I don\’t know how much of what \”David Goldberg\” said was true but I really do believe that Jews use honey traps to identify people so they can track them, etc.  Anyone who goes on Stormfront and starts making anti Jewish statements goes on a list to be looked at. Honest people who become active members of stormfront identify themselves to the Jewish enemy.


I was actually foolish enough to have added this to my recommended web sites list before I had fully vetted it because it appeared to be an honest web site exposing the Jewish problem to the public.   That appearance is a deception as I quickly discovered when I actually started reading the posts on that web site.  Although the stickied top level links are honestly telling the truth about the Jewish problem, when I started reading the actual non stickied posts it was obvious that this blog is controlled opposition.  Appearances can be very deceptive and Jews are smart enough to know how to put an authentic looking cover on any book of Jewish lies they are attempting to sell to the public.  This web site is entirely dishonest and despite its name and appearance you should never go there.  It is disinformation and controlled opposition.


Here is another web site that appears to be truthful and in many posts is identifying the Jewish problem but I consider this to be a controlled opposition web site.  Its a different class of controlled opposition than the above two examples but its still controlled opposition.  It tells some truth about the Jewish problem to be sure but with that truth it mixes in a lot of establishment lies and disinformation to confuse and distract the public away from what the public should be looking at.  This is a common Jewish tactic.  Tell some truth to gain credibility with truthers and then add a whole lot of disinformation to confuse and mislead those truthers.  I recommend that you not go to this web site for the truth even if it appears to be telling some truth. But one of the big tells that is disinformation is that Ron Unz who is the Administrator of the web site is a Jew.  Any web site exposing the Jewish problem that is run by a Jew is NOT to be trusted.  See this post.

Besides these there are many web sites on the internet that appear to be anti Jewish or anti Zionist but in reality are controlled opposition web sites operated by Jews and their minions.  Although they appear to be exposing the Jewish problem to the public they are actually discrediting the truth they pretend to be telling.  Whenever you see a web site that appears obviously anti Jewish or anti Zionist you should immediately suspect its a controlled opposition web site because Jews are running many of these web sites.  Why would Jews run anti Jewish web sites?  I\’ll let this Jew give you the answer:

One thought on “Many Anti Jewish Web Sites Are Controlled Opposition

  1. I highly respect you. Some \”truth-seekers\” I know only know some basic truths such as the fake news MSM. They are not as smart and informative as you. They are not open-minded (or red-pilled) as you about many issues such as the Apolo moon landing. They are badly deceived by the establishment's agents. Moreover, they are very evilly racist. They are truly white supremacists. They are simply too toxic to follow, such as the ones on Stormfront. Also, you shouldn't care or get demotivated when other close-minded or toxic people on forums (such as Stormfront) attack you or ridicule you.


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