They Know the Masks are Bullshit

I just want to state clearly what I believe is happening here, so people can see the forest for the trees.  As I have long said on this Blog, \”Covid 19\” whatever that is or is not, is just a means to an end to getting all the cattle to take the injection inside their body.  Its always been about the injections.  Likewise, the mask mandates are also just a means to an end to getting everyone injected.  (((They))) are fully aware that the masks do nothing to protect anyone from anything.  What the mask mandates are is a way to humiliate and degrade people.  Its a way to take away people\’s privacy and individuality and the right to choose what they do with their own body.  The mask mandate is a sign of submission and slavery and all who willingly comply with it signal they are passive, submissive slaves who are going to do anything they are told.  But as the D.C. mayor proved, she does not believe that the masks do anything.  She is just a pawn for the Establishment doing what she has been told to do. She is a hypocrite just like all Establishment puppets are hypocrites and liars.  

I urge everyone not to comply with the mask mandate.  Refuse to wear a mask.  Resistance to this insanity starts with you, as an individual.  If you wear a mask you signal you are a willing slave.  Do not wear a mask even if they require it.  Refuse to wear a mask.  Stand up for your freedom and your individuality and your basic human rights to decide what you do with your own body.  Resistance starts with you!  The more people who choose to resist, the more powerful the resistance becomes.  But even if nobody else is resisting, you must resist.  The alternative to resistance is willing slavery. Don\’t be a slave to tyranny.  Stand up for your God Given Human Rights.  The right to choose what you do or don\’t do with your own body is the most fundamental human right of all.  Don\’t allow them to take that away with any mask mandate or vaccine mandate!!!  

Are you willing to let them drag you to jail for refusing to wear a mask?  You should be.  Are you willing to lose your job for refusing to be vaccinated?  You should be.  

2 thoughts on “They Know the Masks are Bullshit

  1. My mother and I argue about this. I tell her it is stupid and that she is enslaving her children and grandchildren and great grandchildren by submitting to the tyranny. She is on oxygen though and says she feels more secure with the face shield, especially since she sometimes cough.


  2. The way your mother feels is understandable nd she is not alone. I do not condemn people for wearing it but I believe it does nothing to prevent anything. The real problem is the dishonesty of society. Society has long been dishonest but ever since they got away with faking the moon landings there has been a slide of all of society toward deception and dishonesty. And then 9-11 in 2001 was a much worse dishonesty. Then many dishonest fake school and other shootings followed and now this. What you must see and understand is that our society is run by dishonest Psychopaths who see humanity as cattle to be manipulated by cheap media tricks. That is the big thing for you and others to see. Although your mother will never understand, as long as you understand what is really happening here then you can tell others what is happening. I need people like you who see the truth to spread it. We all have a responsibility to spread truth.


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