Why the Injections? Why Now?

One of the purposes of this Blog is to grok the Truth.  What the truth is is not always apparent.  Disinformation agents will attempt to tell the common man what the truth is in order to deceive them, in order to manipulate them, in order to control them.  Truth gets spun a million different ways to support a hidden agenda of the disinformation agents but actual truth serves no agenda.  It simply is.  This blog searches for that elusive animal called Truth that cannot be tamed or caged or used by selfish men for their own selfish goals.  

Today there is a push to get every human being on the planet to take an injection inside their body.  The lie that the disinformation agents are telling is that this injection is a vaccine to keep people safe from catching \”Covid 19\”.   I and many others have exposed this as a lie.  I and many others have exposed that these injections are killing as many people as they are \”saving\”. I and many others have exposed that these injections are causing horrible damage to those who have taken it, such as heart damage, unnatural blood clotting, amputations, catching rare diseases, and many other bad \”side effects\”.  I and many other people have exposed that these injections are making people actually more vulnerable than less vulnerable to any \”viruses\”.  I and many other people have exposed that there is a hidden agenda behind the mass injection push that nobody in the Establishment is talking about.  In this post I want to explore this hidden agenda further to shed the light of illumination on what is really happening here.  Because the truth is not what they tell us it is about this or anything else.  There is a hidden truth that is not being told and that is what this Blog wants to uncover.

So I do not call the injections vaccines because I do not believe they are vaccines against anything. But they are injections of a foreign substance inside the human body and there is a push to get this foreign substance inside the body of every human being on the planet.  Why is this happening and why is this happening now?  In answering this question I want to make clear that I do not believe \”Covid 19\” has anything to do with anything other than being an excuse that the lying Jewish Establishment is using as a pretext to get every human being in the world to take this injection inside their body.  So forget about \”Covid 19\”.  It is completely irrelevant, regardless of all the 24-7 media hype and fear mongering.  There is a reason behind the agenda to get the entire world to take this injection but it has nothing to do with \”Covid 19\”.  Understand that before I continue.

On this Blog I have referred to this world as a Jewish Zoo because I believe that this is the way that Jews view the world which they have managed to get control of through evil means.  Jews view non Jews as animals who exist only to serve Jews.  That is the clear message of the Jewish Talmud which is highly revered and echoed by all the leaders of the Jewish community.  On this Blog I have talked repeatedly about the Jewish Master Plan, which is the Jewish plan to control the entire world.  A major component of that plan is to keep the majority of humanity and especially non Jews under Jewish control.  Jews love to control others.  They are control freaks at heart.  While normal people just want to live and be happy, Jews want to control everyone and everything.  Control of others is what Jews are all about.  

A Sheep Farmer Analogy

Let me create a little analogy here, for illumination purposes.  Suppose you are a sheep rancher who owns a big herd of sheep who are in a corral.  As a sheep rancher, keeping the sheep under control is your business.  Keeping the sheep clueless about their captivity so they will be passive and submissive and never resist what you want to do with them is in your best interest.  You want to keep those sheep dumb and submissive and passive and clueless so they will allow themselves to be fleeced of their precious wool and on occasion be killed for their meat.  Its all about exploitation of the sheep for the profit of the sheep farmer.  Now imagine one day that some of the sheep start to become aware of what is going on and telling the other sheep what is going on.  The sheep start to become aware of what is happening and as they gain awareness they become less and less controllable by the sheep farmer.  Over time the Sheep farmer realizes he is losing control of his flock and that there are some sheep who are waking up the other sheep.  The Sheep farmer uses his connections at Google and Apple and Facebook and Twitter to muzzle the trouble causing sheep to silence them but despite everything the sheep farmer is doing, the sheep are waking up to their enslavement and they are becoming less and less controllable.  The sheep farmer realizes he has a serious problem on his hands and that unless he deals with this problem he is going to ultimately lose control of his herd, which means no more profit for the sheep herder.  What does he do?

Despite the fact that the sheep farmer views the sheep as dumb animals who exist only to provide his livelihood, the sheep can think and they have free will.  Sheep that can think and that have free will is against the interests of the sheep herder who just wants to exploit the sheep and does not give a fuck about them outside of that.  Are you understanding the analogy yet?

So the sheep farmer goes into his think tanks and comes up with the ultimate plan which will ensure that he has control of the sheep forever and that they will be unable to resist.  The plan concerns injecting all the sheep with something which will prevent them from thinking for themselves and will take away their free will and allow them to be controlled remotely by the sheep herder over his 5G and later 6G networks.  All he has to do is to get all the sheep to take the injection and then the problem is solved.  No more thinking sheep who have the ability to resist the sheep farmer\’s control over them.  

I used that particularly analogy because I see it as being closest to the truth about the \”Covid 19\” injections.  We are Sheep and cattle to the Jews who want only to use and exploit us for their personal profit.  The mass injection agenda is to control all of humanity in a way that humanity is not going to be able to resist once they have taken the injection inside their bodies.  The injections are a control mechanism for humanity to ensure that non Jews remain as passive slaves to Jews forever, which is the Jewish Master Plan

Certain people have found out about plan and they have attempted to warn humanity about it.  One such person who attempted to warn the world about this was a French doctor named Dr. Pierre Gilbert. In a 1995 speech he talks about a future program to contaminate the blood of humankind in order to control them.  I firmly believe he was talking about exactly what is happening today.

Many people have referred to these injections as kill shots but I am not one of them who believe that.  Even though there have been many deaths attributed to the injections I see these deaths as side effects and not the intended purpose of the injections.  I see the injections as being the ultimate Jewish mind control weapon against the Goyim.  I believe that the Jews have not activated the mind control system yet.  They want to get as many people as possible to take the injection before they activate the system.  Why?  Because I believe that once they activate the system there will be a very radical change of behavior in the vaccinated that anyone who is not vaccinated is going to clearly see.  Jews want everyone to have gotten the injection before they activate the mind control system.  I cannot see clearly what change will happen but I believe that the thinking and behavior of humanity will be radically altered by the injections and the remote mind control system that Jews are creating.  I am sounding the warning to every sentient human being NOT to take the injection under any circumstances regardless of what threats or blackmail is made against you to compel you to take it.  Even if you lose your job you should not take it.   Only bad things will come from taking the injection.  If you value your freedom and your independence and you value your basic humanity you will never take the injection.   But if you disregard my warning and take it then you are lost to humanity.  Jews own you.  Learn to say \”BAAAAH!\” and really mean it. Any parent who gives the injection to their children is the very worst of humanity who is ensuring their children will be slaves.   God will not forgive any parent for giving the injection to their children.  The Injection is the Mark of the Beast which severs a human being from God forever.

12 thoughts on “Why the Injections? Why Now?

  1. Remember \”Invasion of the Body Snatchers?\” In the end, the (((pod people))) win; Donald Sutherland is the last to fall.One thing I guarantee: blog posts and voting and cable news roundtable blah-blah aren't gonna get us outta this one. Blood in the streets, and lots of it, feels like the only way forward.A bunch of semi-literate Warlords in Afghanistan have now beaten both Russia and America. Maybe that's a role model?


  2. FYI Amy, I have been advocating violent bloody revolution since before starting this blog. I am aware that just blogging is not a solution but it's something I can do. At least stating what should happen is a start. Humanity needs to fight back against what's happening. Being submissive is not the answer. I don't see protests in America like I see overseas. Americans are the most sheep like people on the planet. Every rebellion needs leaders and organizers but I see none. I know what needs to happen but where are all the others who should be just as angry as I am? I see humanity just sitting down and letting themselves get fucked, with no resistance whatsoever. My God, how can this be happening? A passive brainwashed population are nothing but slaves. I feel you but I don't know how to organize a badly needed resistance movement. I'm just one person trying to make a difference doing the only thing I know to do.


  3. I do not know if all the injections (I do not call them vaccines) are the same but I believe the same program or agenda is behind them all and they serve the same nefarious purpose. Also I suspect that some injections being given to the powerful are just placebos to influence the public to get the injections.


  4. Because all countries using Chinese vaccines got their covid cased increase much more, so people are switching to Western vaccines (especially the US). We all know how badly corrupt Western countries are. Since Jews and White look almost the same, I suspect that something may be wrong with \”White\” employees of these Western vaccines companies. they just admit that Pfizer – the largest and most renowned Covid vaccine producer has a Jewish CEO: https://atlantajewishtimes.timesofisrael.com/pfizer-ceos-jewish-past-inspired-vaccine-work/). I just did some research about the information of vaccine and the Jews, turn out to be the Jews are kings of vaccines: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPl4Crct0vC/?utm_medium=copy_link


  5. First of all you should never read the New York Times, which is one of the very worst of the Jewish propaganda publications run by the Jew Jeff Bezos. Never look at that Jewish clap trap. Its equivalent to CNN. I do not look at the China or the Chinese as being the perps but I do see China as being the scapegoat that the Jews have chosen to take the blame for the Jewish Covid 19 PSYOP. I am not saying China is innocent. Jews control China too so China is a willing puppet of Jewish control. But there is no evidence that taking the injection stops anything. In fact as you say, those who take the injection are even more likely to get \”Covid 19\” and die.


  6. You should research Antibody Dependent Enhancement or ADE. I really do believe that it is involved in making people who have taken the injection much more likely to get sick and die from \”Covid 19\” than people who have not taken the injection. The Jewish main stream media is completely silent about this of course but scientifically what is happening now with the world wide vaccination push is a kind of collective world suicide IMO. Jews are in leadership positions of all the major pharmaceutical companies like Pfizer. That is a good article you quote and if you know what the Talmud really says, which is that Jews should kill non Jews, it really helps things to make sense. I may do a post about that since it might open some eyes. While the conservative talking heads have been blaming China I saw long ago that the Jews are behind this whole thing. Of course they are!


  7. I agree with some of what you said but I want to correct something as well. New York Times is not owned by Jeff Bezos (Jeff Bezos owned the Washington Post). New York Times is owned by A. G. Sulzberger (still a Jew, this is a public Jew). Also, I showed you an article from the New York Times about Chinese vaccine disasters because I just want to have something back up my claim that the Chinese vaccine actually made the case of Covid increase dramatically everywhere it got used so people have to switch to using the Jewish Western vaccine ones. Do you think they try to spread the virus to the countries which use Chinese vaccines so that people will fear Chinese vaccines and then use Jewish Western vaccines instead? However, the Antibody Dependent Enhancement (which relates to Chinese vaccines) that you talk about above really made much more sense to me.


  8. You are correct that Jeff Bezos owns the Washington Post and not the New York Times. As I have said, Jews control all the major governments of the world, including China. There is no real separation between China and the West in the Real World. That separation is only in the False World. ADE relates to all of these injections, whether they are from China or the West. It is my contention that this entire scheme is a Jewish plan for the world that has been in the works for decades. With something this big and coordinated, you know Jews have been planning this for a long time and it serves a higher agenda, or you should know that if you have been reading all the posts on this Blog.


  9. I saw a movie Blue World Order (2017), which portrayed same scenario, about minds being controlled wirelessly through radars. Movie was average, but it was kind of like a predictive programming???
    Also, I liked sheep analogy in the article a lot!


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