Boycott all Business requiring vaccine to enter or do business

So I saw that there are Bars in San Francisco that are requiring either vaccine passport or proof of negative Covid 19 test to enter.  I cannot speak for anyone else but myself but I what I say and encourage others to do is is the following.

Boycott any business or Establishment that requires Vaccine passport or anything to do with the vaccine.

Boycott any business or Establishment that requires wearing a face mask.

Do not in any way subsidize these businesses. This is what I will do and what I encourage others to do but if what I predict is going to happen happens, then it will not be so simple to boycott these businesses.  I hope I am wrong with what I say in the following.  I do not want anyone to call me black pilled and say I want any of this happen because I do not.  If I had my way, all this Bullshit would be gone yesterday.  But what I predict, to be honest, is that laws are likely going to be passed in the future on the local, state and national levels that require all businesses to ask for vaccine passports, including grocery stores. I predicted last year on this Blog that they would not allow those who have not had the shot to buy groceries.  Imagine that.  That seems like a nightmare scenario now but I envision a time in the not too distant future when that could be a reality.  It kind of explains a world where this sign could become a reality.  I am trying to warn you of Dystopia.  Jewish Dystopia.  Unless we rise up to resist this tyranny it may be unavoidable that we are all faced with this nightmare Jewish world.

For those in America who still have a right to own a gun, I suggest you buy big guns and plenty of ammunition.  I predict you are going to need it just to defend yourself and your family in this new Jewish world.

Something the Jews hate for citizens to own:

2 thoughts on “Boycott all Business requiring vaccine to enter or do business

  1. First, let's talk about the boycott: if the store won't let us in without Proof of Vax, I don't think a boycott is our choice. They won't let us in anyway.Next, masks. In southern AZ where I now live, and also in Los Angeles where I recently left, all grocery stores have \”no mask/no entry\” signs. We can be purists about the mask requirements, but that simply means we don't eat.Finally, guns. I've thought about this lately. Let's say a Vax Squad shows up at your door, with LEO for reinforcement. Are you going to tell them to hold on while you go fetch your AR-15? Or are you going to answer every visitor and delivery man while also holding your rifle? And if you do have your rifle, are you going to assassinate both healthcare nurses as well as the two cops in the patrol car? If they get a chance to call in their assassination, how many minutes until 25 members of local SWAT arrive to turn you and your family into Swiss cheese?It's nice that you \”predicted\” mandatory grocery store vaccinations a year ago, but I'm trying to figure out how that helps us effect a solution…?


  2. I read your other comment so I know how you really feel. As I said in responding to it, I have been advocating Revolution since before I started this Blog. On this Blog I have made many posts about the need for Revolution but I perceive that the American people are not ready for this and that I am beating a dead horse to continue to talk about it. What I have said in this post is what people can do on an individual basis to resist. Resistance has to start somewhere. Even a small resistance is better than no resistance. So to boycott businesses which are doing what I consider evil and serving an evil purpose is a form of resistance that anyone can do. Even if a store has a sign in front of it saying a mask must be worn, the individual can ignore the sign and go in the store unmasked as a sign of resistance. When they had the mask mandate in my state we had similar signs and I ignored them. I was never asked to leave the stores because I was not masked. I was showing resistance by purposely not wearing a mask. Even though I saw very few others resisting, I thought it was very important to resist and still do. Compliance with tyranny is not the answer. There must be resistance and it must start with the individual. I advocate for people to have guns for self defense but I do not tell people how they should be used. Having a big gun is a way to protect yourself and your family and also your neighbors from government tyranny. Its a no brainer why the Second Amendment to U.S. Constitution exists, because the founding fathers were wise enough to foresee a time when the U.S. Government would become tyrannical. That time has come in 2021 and I predict it will get worse. The only way it will get better is if the American people resist. Resistance is the solution. It starts with protests and other forms of peaceful resistance. If peaceful resistance does not work then it goes to violent resistance. But in any case there must be resistance to what is happening. I am a very strong advocate of Resistance!


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