Other People I Suspect of being Disinformation Agents

There are various people who have come forward as truthers and who are trusted in the truther community today that I suspect of being disinformation agents, for various reasons.  I have heard nobody ever question the legitimacy of these people in the truther community but its high time somebody did.  On this Blog I state the Truth, and the Truth is that the Truther community has long been infiltrated by disinformation agents and has even been led by disinformation agents.  But here are some people I suspect of being disinformation agents.  I may go into further detail about them later but here I simply list them.  If anyone questions why I suspect them, ask questions in the comments section.

Fritz Springmeier

Cisco Wheeler

Bill Cooper

Corydon Hammond

Julian Assange

David Icke

I want to make clear that I have been a believer in all of these people at an earlier point in my life but only now after seeing the bigger picture and connecting a lot of other dots do I question them.  This post is directed toward honest people who really do want to know the truth, which is my definition of a truther.  As a truther talking honestly with other truthers, my very strong message to you is that the truther community has long been infiltrated by agents of the Jewish Snake and a lot of people that you and I have been conditioned to listen to and trust are not who they appear to be.  My mission is to wake you up to this fact.  The enemy we face is a very clever, devious one who will use any and all means to deceive and one method they use is fake truthers, i.e. Snakes in Sheep\’s clothing.  I have exposed so many of these people such as Alex Jones on this Blog but there are many others who I have not exposed and I need to.  Because to me the greatest sin that anyone can do is to believe a lie to be the truth.  I am here to expose lies and liars to the truther community.

Remember what this guy said.  He\’s not just talking about the Main Stream Media, as many have interpreted this.  He is talking about disinformation agents in the truther community too.  Wake up!

8 thoughts on “Other People I Suspect of being Disinformation Agents

  1. Fritz looks very Yiddish. I used to love Bill Cooper until I heard him defend the yids with gusto. Unfortunately I think you're right.


  2. Popular conservative writers and talking heads are allowed/encouraged to name the communist agents in FDR's admin, the Frankfort School/Columbia ringleaders, communist actors and civil rights leaders, recent presidents, etc, etc, with ill-disguised Marxist or Zionist pride, but identify the \”tribe\” that they have in common? Crickets. If the culprits aren't plainly identified as jews, or their useful idiots, I don't trust them. As the saying goes, if you want to know who rules over you, look at who you can't criticize.


  3. A big reason is his association with Trump. I think Julian Assange was a willing asset of Russian and Jewish intelligence to help get Trump \”elected\” in 2016 by the release of all the Hillary Clinton email. That had such a huge impact on the election and I really believe the reason Trump even became \”President\” is due to Wikileaks and everything that came from that exposure. It totally changed the election results. Other things make me suspect Assange also. He is telling some truth but I have to question his honesty. I think he is a Trojan horse truther, or an agent who is being used by others who have an agenda. He is not to be trusted.


  4. I agree with that. When I say the truther community has been infiltrated and even led by disinformation agents, I mean exactly that. Most people in the \”truther community\” today I do not trust at all. I trust may 15 or 20% at the most to be honest and I see all the rest as controlled opposition disinformation agents. What is sad is that most genuine truthers appear to be blind to this fact and they believe the story being told by these disinformation agents. That is why I made this post, to help wake up the truther community. I do not want truthers believing lies as the truth.


    1. If you have been following my Blog at all you should know that I have the utmost contempt for Donald J. Trump and have been doing everything I can to expose him for who he is. Here is one of my latest posts exposing Trump. https://strangerinajewishworld.com/2021/09/26/donald-trump-is-a-jew/

      As for Lin Wood, he is a strong endorser of Donald Trump and he promotes the false image of Trump as an honest person on the side of good instead of the evil Jewish Snake he is. It is because Lin Wood is a strong promoter of Trump that I call Wood a disinformation agent. Anyone who is strong promoter of Trump is a dishonest person who is bed with the Snakes who promote Trump: Jews and Israel. You should know the way I feel about these things if you have been reading my Blog at all.


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