Tooj Nijenhuis is a Disinformation Agent

In going down the \”Fiona Barnett\” rabbit hole, the woman known as \”Tooj Nijenhuis\”, pictured above, is someone that \”Fiona Barnett\” uses to bolster her own story.  Since I have read this woman\’s testimony before and believed it, I would be remiss if I did not make a post about her at the same time as I am exposing \”Fiona Barnett\”.  Good honest people like myself are being deceived by these people, who always have a hidden agenda, so it is my responsibility to expose them for who they are, so nobody will be deceived by them any longer.

In case you don\’t know her story, here is a link stating her story.  Not surprisingly, this is on a pro Trump web site and we all know what Donald Trump is by now, don\’t we.  I do not condemn anyone for being temporarily deceived by Donald Trump but anyone who would create an entire web site around this man is definitely a disinformation agent in my very strong opinion, but I digress from the purpose of this post.  From reading the above link you can clearly see that Tooj Nijenhuis is making the very same types of claims as \”Fiona Barnett\” about evil child raping Satanists running the world.  She and Fiona are birds of a feather.  I have not fully investigated all of her claims as I have investigated the claims of FB but I automatically suspect that she is another disinformation agent like FB, just in a different country.  FB is in Australia.  Tooj is in Brussels.  Although Tooj may be mixing some truth into what she says to give it credibility, I distrust her story.  I must distrust her story.

Here is one significant claim that Tooj Nijenhuis making that I want to address specifically.

Five international judges are examining evidence of child rape, torture, murder and kidnapping allegedly done by global elite members of the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult network.

Its a very sensational claim and when I first saw it many years ago I was immediately intrigued.  I immediately began researching this entity called \”Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice network\”.  And what I found not surprisingly is a lot of disinformation web sites all making the exact same claims but offering no evidence at all of its truthfulness.  No links to more detailed information were ever given.  And this is because the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Network is intended to be another name of the Vatican.  So its the Catholics who are the real Satanists who are behind all the evils.  Jews are lily white Saints to Fiona Barnett and Tooj Nijenhuis.  Very telling.  But in case you have not understood, there is not such thing as the Ninth Circle Satanic Child Sacrifice Cult Network.  There are no five judges on the international justice court looking into the claims of Tooj Nijenhuis.  This is 100% disinformation and this woman is spewing shit out of her mouth, just as FB has done.  Tooj Nijenhuis is a disinformation agent who, like Fiona Barnett, makes fantastic claims designed to get people\’s interest, but there is no truth at all to her claims.  She is just bait for truthers to guide them away from the path of truth and onto the path of Bullshit.

One thing you notice is that these people always scapegoat \”the Nazis\”.  Its the evil Nazis who are behind this.  These people are very quick to blame the Nazis, which, to no surprise, is what the Jews do. You cannot trust anything these disinformation agents say.

Here is a link claiming that Dr. Antony Kidman was silenced by the Ninth Circle cult.  BULLSHIT!

So whenever you see some person or web site making similar claims to these, your bullshit meter should register.  Do not be misled by blatant disinformation like this.

But here are some rules.  Learn them:

Anyone who points to the Catholic Church as being behind the world\’s evil is a disinformation agent.

Anyone who points to the Jesuits as being behind the world\’s evil is a disinformation agent.

You will see the Catholic Church and the Jesuits demonized on many web sites.  This is a disinformation campaign and you should not be deceived by it.

4 thoughts on “Tooj Nijenhuis is a Disinformation Agent

  1. My eyes have a \”superpower\” to know who is Jew and who is not. Some Jews maybe look handsome or kind-hearted, but some Jews can look ugly or evil. The person who looks much more EVIL and UGLIER than normal European/White is very likely a Jew. But beware, not all Jews look ugly or evil because for example Bill Gates looks very kind-hearted (he has the most kind-hearted face I have ever seen), or many Jewish celebrities look very handsome or beautiful, etc. The same with Satanists.


  2. Jews frequently use non Jews to be minions for their disinformation campaigns so its not a matter of someone being Jewish or not. Its a matter of them being honest and truthful or of purposely spreading lies and disinformation. Its not the \”Jew test\” that matters but the \”truth test\”. Also it has nothing to do with the physical appearance of the person. Its what is inside that matters.


  3. The jew test and the truth test are the same thing. Jews don't do or say anything that isn't good for Jews. Within that category of 'good for jews' you can also include telling some truth, however just as is most obvious with Stratford Jones, its 90% truth and 10% 'chicoms'….


  4. I agree that Jews do not do or say anything that is not good for Jews. Everything about Jews is racist, toward their own race and against other races. Disinformation agents can tell some truth to give themselves credibility with truthers. Disinformation agents can also tell truth to discredit it with obvious lies.


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