Who was Dr. Antony Kidman?


This post is spawned from an earlier post discussing \”Fiona Barnett\” as a PSYOP.  In that post I said that I cannot trust anything that \”Fiona Barnett\” has said not to be a lie.  If you know the story told by \”Fiona Barnett\”, one of her big claims is that Dr. Antony Kidman (pictured above), who is the father of Australian actress Nicole Kidman was an evil child raping Satanists who raped her multiple times when she was a child and also performed horrific mind control experiments on her as a child.  In that earlier post I questioned why Fiona Barnett would make such a strong accusation against this man.  I do not know who Dr. Kidman is outside of Fiona Barnett\’s claims but in this post I want to go down the rabbit hole of exploring who was Dr. Antony Kidman.  In doing so, I want to completely disregard the claims of Fiona Barnett and just look at sources not from her and not from others who have been misled to believe her story.  

Some Facts about Antony Kidman are as follows:

He was a Clinical Psychologist at the University of Technology, Sydney Australia

He had two daughters.  One is Nicole Kidman, the famous Australian actress.  The other is Antonia Kidman.  They are shown pictured together in the below image.

Age at time of Death: 76.

Sisters Antonia and Nicole Kidman:

Some Claims made about Antony Kidman outside of what Fiona Barnett said:

He was in Singapore, Malaysia where he died while visiting his daughter, Antonia Kidman who lived in Singapore Malaysia in 2014.

Below is an early picture of Nicole Kidman getting kissed by her parents, one of which is Antony Kidman.

Here is a link to an article about Antony Kidman\’s death shortly after it happened:

Singapore police probe death of Nicole Kidman\’s father

The verdict is as follows:

Dr. Kidman was nothing like what \”Fiona Barnett\” claimed he was.  Everything FB said about Antony Kidman is an unsubstantiated lie.  Fiona Barnett has no credibility whatsoever and all those who repeat her story have no credibility either.  These are SHILL sites.  Here is a short list of them.










3 thoughts on “Who was Dr. Antony Kidman?

  1. When I looked at the list of websites that you suspect they are shill sites, I saw a ridiculous title \”FlatEarthPerspectives…\”. I laugh so hard. Even in this modern time, there are even people who believe the Earth is flat.


  2. I am aware of the the flat earth disinformation campaign and my assessment is that those who push this ridiculous claim are disinformation agents who don't believe this. They merely claim to believe it, trying to get idiots to believe it too. Believe it or not, NASA is involved in the flat earth disinformation meme and it's a no brainer why they would be. For anyone who accuses NASA of faking the moon landings, these shills push the flat earth nonsense in response. When I was on YouTube exposing the Apollo moon landing fraud I encountered so many of these people. They attacked my posts like flies on shit. Everything I tried to expose on YouTube was attacked from all sides. Now I am banned from YouTube and you know what? Fuck YouTube. I don't need you.


  3. The real purpose of the flat earth disinformation campaign is to discredit anyone accusing NASA of faking the noon landings as being a flat earther who denies basic reality. It's a way to change the focus away from NASA dishonesty to the earth being flat. For example, someone posted a link to my exposure of the Apollo moon landing hoax on Reddit and the very first response is that I was accused of being a flat earther. It totally derailed the conversation. Do you see the way that works?


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