Fleet White III

I watch the statistics of this Blog and one thing I can see is when people visit this Blog from links which coms up from internet search engine search results.  So it was that I saw a search had been made for \”Fleet White III\” which compelled me to want to create a post about him.

On this Blog I have said next to nothing about Fleet White III but I have made many posts discussing his father, Fleet White Jr and his grandfather, Fleet White Sr. in relationship to the JonBenet Ramsey murder.

I did a small amount of research into Fleet White III and came up with the following video where we see Fleet White III as well as other members of his family proclaiming themselves to be innocent of any involvement in the JonBenet Ramsey murder and painting themselves as being victims of slander.

Fleet White III:

As I have said repeatedly on this Blog, I believe Nancy Krebs to be an honest witness in what she reported to the Boulder Colorado authorities in February 2000.  I have read her testimony very carefully and I understand and believe what she says about the White family being directly involved in the death of JonBenet Ramsey.  But this post is about Fleet White III who was just a child when JonBenet Ramsey was murdered.  I discuss him here because someone was doing research about him and I want to tell the truth about him as I believe it to be from researching his father and especially his grandfather.

Despite what I have said on this Blog about Satanism being used as a false front for Jewish World Control, I believe there is a thing called Satanism that is not a front and that has nothing to do with Jews.  Its entirely separate from Jews but I believe that Jews and Satanists worship the same \”God\” behind the scenes, so they have an alliance in the world.  I believe there are many families who are involved in Satanism.  These are called intergenerational families because their Satanism is passed from one generation to another through their children.  I believe that the White family is one of these Satanist families.  I believe that all members of the White family are involved in Satanism.  Of course their Satanism is hidden from the public but I believe they are all Satanists.  

So since Fleet White Sr. and Fleet White Jr. are Satanists, I conclude that Fleet White III, shown in the image above is also a Satanist.  He is the heir of a wealthy Satanist family. 

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