The Jewish Wolves are Circling Me


I check the statistics of this Blog and what I notice is that this Blog is being looked at by the Administrators of Google and its subsidiaries.  Here is the partial statistics from just now.

This is nothing new for this Blog.  Every few days I notice I am getting looks from the Adminstrators of Google.

I feel very much like the wolves are circling me, watching and waiting for the time to go in for the kill.  I anticipate that I may wake up one day to find that this Blog is killed by Google.  I do back up this Blog routinely in the event that happens but still it is a very uncomfortable feeling to be so closely watched and monitored by the very same people I am exposing on this Blog.

In case you are unaware of it, this Blog is hosted on a Google platform and Google is owned by the Jewish Snake.  Google is one of the worst media platforms out there in terms of censorship but I use this platform for convenience.  I would like to move this Blog to a different platform but I am not convinced that I could find a blogging platform not under Jewish control.  This is why Jews purposely own the media and have a monopoly on the media, so they can control what is said on the media which Jews own.  Jewish censorship on Jewish media is a no brainer, but of all the information Jews want to censor on their media is information exposing Jews.  So I am not at all surprised that this Blog is getting a lot of hard looks by the Jewish administrators of Google. What I am doing on this Blog is exposing the Jewish problem on Jew owned media.  I am sure they do not like it.  

My message to you in this post is to let you know that the Jewish wolves are watching me and that this Blog may be killed outside of my control.  I do not want that to happen but it could happen.  I just want you to know what is going on in case you do discover this Blog is taken off the air.  It will not be me doing it.

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