I Told You So

In an earlier post from May called Know Thy Enemy, which was made shortly after the announcement that the general public no longer had to wear mask, I predicted that the mask mandate would be back. And now we see that what I said is coming True.  The Mask Mandate is coming back, just as I predicted.  See the following link.

Missouri AG plans to sue St. Louis over reinstatement of mask mandate

How did I know that the masks would come back, you might ask?  Am I fortune teller?  Can I predict the future?  Nope but as I said in that earlier post, I know my enemy.  What I know is that masks do nothing to protect anyone against \”Covid 19\”.  What the masks do is to force the people to do something very degrading and hamulating. which is to wear something over their face everywhere they go for the purpose of forcing everyone to get the injections.  Its never been about Covid 19.  Its always been about getting everyone to take the injections.  So Covid 19 is just a means to an end of getting everyone injected.  Likewise with the mask mandate.  You can just bet that the reason being given for the return of the mask mandate is because the people who refuse to take the injection are making it unsafe for everyone, so we just have to force you to wear a face diaper everywhere you go.  Blame the anti vaxxers that you have to wear a mask.  Hate the anti vaxxers.  Discriminate against the anti vaxxers.  Anti Vaxxers are terrorists who need to be forced out of normal society.  That is the message that is going to be pushed hard in coming days.  Because what the goal is, in case you have not seen it yet, is to get the entire planet to take the injection.  Notice I do not call it a vaccine because its not a vaccine at all.  But it is an injection and (((they))) clearly want everyone to take it inside their body.  I hope you are wise enough not to do so because I predict that very bad things are coming for those who have taken it.  

But I applaud the Missouri AG for his objection to the reinstatement of the mask mandate in Missouri.  The Missouri AG is truly representing the people of Missouri, unlike the POS below who I just watched on MSNBC actually saying that the people of Missouri want the mask mandate to come back.

Missouri Senator Claire McCaskill, American Traitor

This woman is an evil Snake who has sold her soul and is a traitor to the American people who she pretends to serve.  She deserves the fate of Mussolini.  I will pay for the rope to hang this Bitch on the Day of the Rope.

Karma for traitors against the people:

More to Come

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