Jews cannot be trusted not to be Disinformation Agents

There are a number of men who are Jews, who identify themselves as being Jews, who have come forward and presented themselves as being truth tellers about the Jewish race and the Jewish problem.  These men, who are undoubtedly telling some truth about the Jewish race and the Jewish problem cannot be trusted not to be controlled opposition disinformation agents simply because they are Jews.  It is the nature of the Jewish race to be clever, cunning and deceptive and so to have Jews telling \”the truth\” about Jews is immediately suspect or should be to any thinking person who is aware of the Jewish Problem.  Here is a short list of some Jews who appear to be outing the Jewish race but IMO should not be trusted simply based on the fact that they are Jewish.

Henry Makow  

Brother Nathanael Kepner 

Benjamin Freedman

Ron Unz

If you want to get the truth about Jews and the Jewish Problem, then its a no brainer not to go to a Jew for that truth because the Jewish race is full of deceivers and it can be expected that Jews would come forward as disinformation agents, even very believable sounding ones. There are plenty of non Jews who are telling the truth about the Jewish race and the Jewish problem. Get the truth about Jews from non Jews.  Jews cannot be trusted.


I want to point out one big exception to this rule.  There is one person who is a Jew outing other Jews who I do not believe is a disinformation agent and that is Bobby Fisher.  I trust Bobby Fisher.  So there is at least one Jew who I trust not to be a disinformation agent.  He is the most trustworthy Jew that I am aware of. 

Bobby Fisher, an exception to the rule:

7 thoughts on “Jews cannot be trusted not to be Disinformation Agents

  1. There is an opinion that not only me but also other people have. If you are too hostile to other truthers, some truth seekers maybe get offended by your blogs, and then they may decide to live. I just want your blog to have as much view as possible. I care about your blog. I respect you because you dare to say the truth, even the brutal or evilest truth that can heavily offend people.Some people in there already chose to recommend Henry Makow or Aangirfan site instead of your blog (for example, Northern Truth Seeker, you know him). I find your blog has many highly precious ideas and contents that are unique, but also other truthers can have their unique ideas as well


  2. To No longer a Trump supporter. I read all of your content/articles with great interest and, sometimes, amazement. I find the truth very hard to believe, and difficult to reconcile with what APPEARS to be true, or should I say what we are TOLD is true by the lying media, governments, medical boards etc etc… I greatly admire your determination and dedication to providing the truth and trying to help people to see reality and the world as it really is, and I believe it would be a great shame if you gave up your attempts to do this. I am sorry that you feel that nobody is listening to you or reading your posts, but we are – well, I am!- and I hope you continue with your important work and don't give up. I wish you well and thank you from my heart – you have helped open my eyes to the truth, and I'm sure many others too.


  3. On this Blog I speak the truth as I see it and I do not care if others are offended by it. Truth matters over popularity. I am aware of the person behind the Northern Truth Seeker Blog and that my Blog is not recommended from there and probably Henry MaKow is. That is not important to me. I create this Blog to serve a higher purpose, which is to speak the truth as I see it, and for no other reason. If I tone down what I say so as not to offend to get more viewers then I am not doing what I set out to do. I am not against all other truthers. Far from it. I am against controlled opposition disinformation agents pretending to be truthers who steer the public away from truths which they do not want the public to know and toward what TPTB want the public to believe him. You must understand the difference between a genuine truther and a disinformation agent. It can be very difficult to detect the difference between them. Its not easy to see. All I can tell you is that I create the Blog I feel compelled to create, and my interest is always on the truth.


  4. You are talking about the Two Worlds Paradigm. I may become discouraged sometimes when I think that nobody is listening to what I am saying here but I do not intend to give up. I will continue to speak the truth on this Blog as long as I am able to because Truth matters. Truth is as close to God as I believe I can come. Some say that God is love but I say that God is truth. What is love without truth? It is meaningless. For anything to be real there must be truth and if the truth is lost (as the truth is clearly lost for most people in the world today) then everything else falls apart. The God I believe in did not intend for this to happen for the human race and it is my duty to do what I can to at least expose to those who give a fuck what is happening. Its the very least I can do. Your words do inspire me. I keep this Blog for a dual purpose. One is to document truth as I see it for myself. In a world that has gone batshit insane and that is telling only lies, I feel compelled to speak the truth as I see it. And the second purpose is to help wake up others. I look at the Blog statistics and I know most of my posts get few views. There are some Blogs that get literally thousands of views and dozens of comments for every post they make and here I am struggling to get even 20 views and a single comment. That is discouraging but I am not giving up. I speak the truth for whoever will listen and because the God I believe in wants me to do this. I do not know why I am here or why the circumstances of my life have led me here at this crucial moment in human history but I believe that my voice is needed to be heard by anyone who will listen.


  5. I believe Brother Nathanael Kepner. Although he is a Jew, his face is so kind-hearted, not evil like other Jews (George Soros, Jacob Rothschild). He can be trustworthy.


  6. Brother Nathanial may be honest but I still maintain that Jews cannot be trusted simply because they are Jews. You cannot rely on the way a face looks. You also cannot rely on what they say. Even if a Jew appears to tell the truth as these Jews do, one still cannot ignore the fact that the Jewish race is a race of deceivers. All throughout Jewish history this has been so. A Jew may come forward to tell some truths only to point away from other truths that expose the Jewish race. You can do what you like but for me I prefer to get my truth about Jews from non Jews who have seen the Jewish problem. I have learned enough about the Jewish race to automatically distrust Jews. Its not discrimination as it appears but its an awareness of the Jewish problem.


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