The Talmud, the Satanic Book of the Jews

The Talmud, the Satanic Book of the Jews

Most non Jews have no idea what the Talmud says about them.  Here is what the Talmud says about the difference between Jews and non Jews:

Talmud, Iebhammoth 61aOnly Jews have the right to be called people, not non-Jews.  According to the Talmud which is highly esteemed as a Holy document by Jews, only Jews are people.  Non Jews are non human.  Thus the laws that apply to humans do not apply to non Jews, according to Jews.  So you can kill animals and not be prosecuted.  You can cheat them.  You can exploit them.  You can do all manner of evil to them and it matters not, because they are just animals after all.  When you want to get to the root of the Jewish problem, this view of non Jews as non human is the basis for all other evils.  This is extreme racism and hatred but this is what the Jews believe, that only Jews are human beings worthy of being treated as human beings. 

Talmud, Baba Mezia 114b : The ‘goyim’ are not humans. They are beasts.  This is repeated over and over again in the Talmud using various wordings.  Regardless of the wording used there can be no doubt as to the meaning of the words.  Non Jews are animals.  Only Jews are considered human, according to the Jews.  It is not unlawful to kill, rape, exploit, cheat, rob or enslave an animal.  These laws only apply to humans.  Whatever protections there appear to be to non Jews in the False World, in the Real World that Jews control, non Jews have no protections and no rights.  Non Jews have the right to be slaves to Jews, period, according to the Jews.  Do you understand, Goyim?  Is it not clear to you yet?

Talmud, Jalkut Rubeni Gadol 12b : The souls of the Gentiles come from unclean spirits, whom we call pigs.  Jews view the souls of non Jews to come from unclean spirits while viewing their own souls to come from God.  This is entirely racist view that completely separates Jews and non Jews in Jewish thinking.  Non Jews are seen as clearly inferior and also seen as inherently evil by Jews.  The Jewish definition of Good and Evil is not the same as the non Jewish definition.  In the Jewish definition, \”Good\” are the Jews who are following the will of the Jewish race as a whole and supporting the Jewish race as a whole and supporting Jewish will.  \”Evil\” is everything opposed to the Jewish race and Jewish will.  Again, racism is the core of Judaism and Jews are fully aware of this but they hide this from the Goyim for their own self serving interests.  Jews are quick to accuse anyone who opposes them of being racists but Jews are completely silent about their racism against non Jews, which is bigger than anything non Jews are accused of. It is the height of Hypocrisy for Jews to accuse people of anti Semitism and racism against Jews because they and their Religion are ALL ABOUT racism.  But the Jews will play the racism card because it serves their interests, and they keep the Goyim completely ignorant about Jewish racism against non Jews also because it serves their interests.  This is part of the Jewish Master Plan for Jewish control of the entire world. 

Talmud, Yebamoth 98a: All the children of the Goyim are animals.  Jews view the children of non Jews as animals, to be treated like animals.  While Jews love and cherish Jewish children, Jews despise children of non Jews and are involved in all manner of evil against them, which to the Jews is entirely justified by their Religion.  Jews are by far the most racist people on the planet and they use their racism and hatred of non Jews as justification for evil.

Talmud,Kerithuth 6b p. 78 : Only Jews are human beings, non-Jews are animals.  According to the Jewish Religion, Jews are human.  Non Jews are animals.  This is repeated over and over again in the Talmud and other Jewish religious documents and teachings.  This is the root cause of the Jewish Problem for the simple reason of the following.  If one group of people view another group of people as animals or sub human then the first group can justify any type of inhumane treatment of the second group on that basis alone.  Animals are not protected by Law.  Animals can be killed without it being called murder.  Murder only applies to human beings, not to animals.  Animals can be raped without it being called rape.  Animals can be deceived.  Animals can be manipulated and controlled like cattle.  Animals can be cheated and exploited with Jewish usury. Animals can be made second class citizens to the Jews.  Animals can be enslaved without it being called slavery.  Every evil done against non Jews by Jews can be justified by this Jewish view of non Jews as animals.  This is Jewish racism and Jewish Supremism and it is the very foundation of Judaism which the Jews themselves are fully aware of but that they keep non Jews ignorant of.  Everything the Jews say to non Jews about Judaism is disenguine to conceal the true nature of Judaism from non Jews.  Again, this is justified by Jews because cattle have no right to know what their Jewish masters are doing.  Cattle exist only to serve their Jewish masters, according to the Jews.

Talmud, Abhodah Zarah 4b: You can kill an unbeliever with your own hands. Jews are encouraged to kill non Jews.  Note that killing of non Jews is not called murder in Judaism because Judaism views non Jews as animals and murder applies only to killing humans.  But this verse encourages individual Jews to kill non Jews if they get the opportunity to do so and that they will not be condemned for doing it.  Killing non Jews is not deemed evil by Jews.  Can there be anything more racist than this?  Can there be anything more outrageous than this?  The Talmud should be condemned everywhere for its racist, hate filled, genocide encouraging content but its not becuase to Jews it is their Holiest document.  Are you beginning to comprehend?

TalmudAbhodah T Zarah 26b. : Even the best goym must be killed. This is self explanatory but what it is saying is that Non Jews must be killed simply because they are not Jewish.  Here is Jewish racism against non Jews codified.  This is clear Hate Speech telling Jews to kill (genocide) non Jews.  What more needs to be said about it?  This is why the Jewish race is the greatest menace on planet earth by far to humanity.  Humanity is not the Jewish race.  Humanity is the non Jewish races.  The Jewish race is an evil parasite and predator on Humanity.  It would have been far better if this evil parasite had never come to into existence but now that it has flourished and taken control of the earth it is the responsibility of humanity to go to war against it.  All those Christians and others who preach love and peace in the face of this clearly Jewish menace are at best fools and at worst complicit in the Jewish enslavement and destruction of the human race.  This is why I could never call myself a Christian.  I do not preach to love my enemy.  I preach to kill my enemy before my enemy kills me and kills those I care about.  You should feel the same way. 

Talmud, Bammidber Rabbah c 21 & Jalkut 772: Jews who shed the blood of unbelievers bring an offering to God.  There it is, repeated once again.  Jews who kill non Jews are serving the Jewish God.  The irony of it is that the God of the Bible who Christians worship is the Jewish God called Yahweh.  This is the God who Jews believe commanded them to kill non Jews and who also commands them to do Jewish Ritual Sacrifice of Non Jews.  I came from being a blind Christian Sheep to a person who now considers himself to have eyes wide open to the Jewish Problem and what I can tell you is that I see Christians as dupes to Jews.  Yes, I see Christians as dupes.  Here Jews are at war with the human race and turn on any Christian religious channel on TV and what do you see?  Christians dancing around and praising \”God\”, not caring about this world at all and putting all their faith in a world which they do not even know exists.  I would call it sad but that is not the word for it.  Neither is tragic.  Its beyond tragic what is going on in Christianity.  The complete blindness and apathy to the Jewish problem is just beyond words.  God does not condone this mindlessness that Christians apparently see as a virtue.  But back on point,  the Talmud encourages Jews to kill non Jews and calls that an acceptable sacrifice to God.  So if a Jewish doctor purposely kills a non Jewish patient, he is serving God by this act.  Its not murder because non Jews are cattle who the Jewish God has commanded to be wiped off the face of the earth.  And if a Jewish doctor gives a non Jewish patient a \”Covid 19 vaccine\” and the non Jewish patient dies, the Jewish doctor is serving the Jewish God.  Wake up sleeping Goyim.

Sanhedrin 57a: If a Jew murders a ‘goy’ there will be no death penalty.  This is repeated again and again in the Talmud using various wording, but the meaning is clear to any Non Jew with half a brain cell.  Its not wrong for Jews to kill non Jews.  It is an acceptable sacrifice to the Jewish God for Jews to kill non Jews.  Its not murder for a Jew to kill a non Jew just as it is not murder for a human to kill a cow (or an insect).  Its just killing.  Only humans can be murdered and since Jews view non Jews as non human, the term murder does not apply to them.  There will be no punishment for a Jew who kills a non Jew.  The Jewish Talmud is filled with this racist, hateful, genocide encouraging language.  Why do we allow this to exist?  Because we do not control this world.  The ones who do control this world (the Jews) view the Talmud as Holy and sacred.  It is they who make the decisions on what happens in a world that they control.  And this is why this world is Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.  

Sanhedrin 57a: What a Jew steals from a ‘goy’ he may keep.  This is an open invitation for Jews to steal from non Jews.  This explains Jewish Usury, among other Jewish financial corruption.  This explains that Jewish scumbag Bernie Madoff and other Jewish investment bankers cheating thousands of people out of their life savings so the Jew can get rich and feel no remorse at all.  The only remorse comes when they get caught in their misdeeds and even then it is feigned remorse.  Jews feel no remorse about stealing from and cheating non Jews.  On the contrary, it is the Jewish birthright to cheat and fraud and steal and even the Jewish God approves of this evil behavior, according to the Biblical tale of Jacob and Esau.  The moral of the story is that if you are cunning enough to get away with it then the Jewish God approves of completely immoral behavior.  How many Christians have read that tale of Jacob cheating his brother out of his birthright and thought that it was wrong?  Probably none because Christians are brainwashed to take the Jewish side of any argument.  This is another reason why I view Christians as dupes for Jews.  Christians let Jews tell them how to think and Christians are taught not to ever think for themselves or to question.  Questioning is a sin but obedience is righteousness according to Christianity.  I could never call myself a Christian because I see thinking and questioning as a virtue, not a sin.  As a person who is interested in the Truth as I define Truth, I am opposed to Christianity.

Sepher ikkarim III c 25 : It is permitted to take the body and the life of a Gentile Once more, Jews make clear that it is not unlawful to kill a non Jew.  In fact, its encouraged.  The Jewish \”God\” (Yahweh) encourages it.  What is irony? It is that the Christians worship a \”God\” who has advocated their destruction by the \”chosen\” Jewish race.  Wake up Christians and realized you are being used as fools.  Turn the other cheek.  Allow Jews to steal from you.  Allow Jews to smite you.  Allow Jews to crucify you. Give all your property to Jews. How stupid can you be?  

More to Come

2 thoughts on “The Talmud, the Satanic Book of the Jews

  1. This is a very good post. You should add this post as additional information in your post 'The Jewish Master Plan Explained'. Moreover, you can add a new method which is called 'method: use disinformation agents' in your post. Or maybe you count disinformation agents as controlled oppositions in the existed part 'Method: Controlled opposition where Jews control all sides' so you don't feel the need to add the separate part 'Method: use disinformation agents'?


  2. I added a link back to this post from the Jewish Master Plan post. I think its a great idea to add disinformation agents as a method of the Jewish Master Plan. There are other methods I could ass to the Jewish Master Plan such as control of money. That is a big one. Although controlled opposition is disinformation agents I consider disinformation agents to be a separate method deserving of its own section. Its important for people to realize how many disinformation agents there really are and how they have become the actual leaders of many truth movements such as the 9-11 Truth movement. Its very important to see that. I just want people to become aware of all the different ways that Jews control the world because I think that most people have no clue.


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