Any Questions?

This is a Jewish document for Jews.

The Babylonian Talmud:

This is a Jewish document for non Jews.

The Christian Bible:

Jews are behind both documents.  If you understand the nature of controlled opposition where Jews control all sides, this will come as no surprise.  The small amount of opposition to Jews contained in the Christian Bible is nothing but controlled opposition IMO.  Truth is not found inside of a Jewish document. 

6 thoughts on “Any Questions?

  1. But controlled opposition always much better, and deserve much less hatred than the straightforward enemy. For example, I know the fact that Fox News is controlled opposition, but it is much better than CNN since it strongly support many truths and great conservative ideas. Fox News's television hosts and commentators such as Tucker Carlson is high-quality, talk about a lot of truth to improve our knowledge and he is much more honest than any host on CNN. Fox News is pretty acceptable in my opinion although we have to be careful because there are maybe some lies in it, but we can filter out the lies easily. The same with the Bible. Don't be so prejudiced.


  2. If controlled oppositions are fully harmful, why do CNN and its supporters attack Fox News that much, that brutal? Why do Jews/Satanists want to obliterate Christianity?


  3. There are two different definitions for controlled opposition. One is a disinformation agent who pretends to be against the Jewish Snake but in reality is an agent of the Jewish Snake who works to deceive, confuse, provide false information etc. The second definition is where Jews purposely set up two or more groups that pretend to oppose each other but are really funded by the Jews. The Goyim usually choose one side as being the \”right side\” while remaining ignorant that Jews are pulling the strings of both (or all) sides. When I speak of controlled opposition, I am usually talking about the latter definition. I say Christianity is controlled opposition to the Jews. A very small part of it does talk bad about Jews but all the rest paints a very positive picture of Jews. Very few non Jews are going to be against Jews due to the small portion of the Bible that speaks negative of Jews and those that are will be the ones who are red pilled on the Jewish question. If you are aware that Fox News is controlled opposition then I hope you know better than to watch it. I hope would not justify watching it because of what you said here. You miss my point completely, apparently. The point is that Jews cannot be trusted and if you let them in the door they will be running the place. You call it prejudice but its just logic and common sense. Once you are aware of the Jewish problem then you change your behavior and you do not allow the Jew to get inside the door. From the way you talk you may never see this but I know it.


  4. Controlled opposition is just what it says. It is two or more sides that pretend to be opposed to each other but all the sides are controlled by the same group (Jews and Jewish minions). So of course you see Fox hating on CNN and MSNBC and encouraging Fox viewers to hate them too. Likewise you see CNN and MSNBC hating on Fox and encouraging their viewers to hate them too. You have to step back and understand that it is just a drama to manipulate the emotions of people to control the way they think and see things. Jews are always dishonest concerning non Jews. It is the Jewish intent to deceive and control non Jews and Jews use their control of the MSM in large part to do that. So you question that controlled opposition is harmful. Do you really need me to paint you a picture of why it is harmful? Truth matters above everything else. Lies and disinformation are the worst. To have Jews controlling both CNN and Fox News means the truth is going to get completely discarded and lies and disinformation are going to be told by both. Some things cannot be explained. You have to see it for yourself. This is one of those things. I know I am speaking to a very blue pilled person here and I want to help you but you are justifying controlled opposition. The best thing you could do is to stop watching or listening to or believing all controlled opposition. There are places to go that are not controlled opposition and you should seek out those sources. Never listen to controlled opposition. It is poison for your mind and soul.


  5. I agree whole heartededly, everything you have been told or taught by the Main stream…is usually the opposite of reality..or they slip in a little truth to misslead you…and twist it for there own purposes..all Main Stream Narratives,(History,Science,Health,Wars,Religion,Etc.. every thing) are one big Jewish lie…or the Truth is twisted into a lie…though i do have to agree to disagree about the bible….yes religion has corrupted it…but if you bring it back to the original wording you will see it all complete old and new Testement is totally against the Jews,(Kenites) sons of Cain… its just that its been taught by religions to be the opposite of reality…take back all the tribes..geneology back to original and you will find out clearly that the Bible is so easy to understand that the so called jews are the enemy of Mankind….really its that simple…thanks


  6. The Old Testament is certainly not against the Jews. Much of the rest of the Bible is also not against the Jews. Only a small portion of it is anti-Jewish and I even question that. To me the Bible is Jewish brainwashing of non Jews. I could give so examples of that but I doubt you would see it from what you said in this comment. I used to be a Christian but I have woken up to a lot of things since then. I could not be a Christian now after becoming aware of the Jewish problem.


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