Investigating Paul Walker\'s alleged Death


So I was flipping through the TV channels today (yes, I still watch TV) and I came across one of the older movies from the Fast and Furious Franchise playing.  I am aware that the newest movie in the Franchise without Paul Walker in it has been recently launched or will be launched soon.  

I have been saying on this Blog for quite some time that Paul Walker\’s death was faked. Although I have never understood why his death would be faked, I none the less believe it because I have seen evidence of it.  Now, I want to speak a little bit more about the man known to the world as Paul Walker.  I have never read anything about this man being Jewish however I suspect he is Jewish because of the types of people who fake their deaths in a Jewish World are (big surprise) Jews.  Two people I very strongly contend faked their deaths who are Jews are Jeffrey Epstein and Isaac Kappy.  There are others I could name also.  But in the case of Epstein its very easy to understand why his death would be faked because he was a Mossad Agent who for whatever reason was in the public spotlight.  The public was demanding justice for Epstein so it makes sense why he would die to remove him from the spotlight.  Likewise with Kappy, who was in my very strong opinion a Jewish PSYOP from the time he became an \”anti Pedophile whistleblower\” and people were no longer believing his wild tales and so he too \”died\” when his PSYOP came to an end.  I can understand both of those faked deaths but in the case of Paul Walker its more of a mystery to me to be understood.  My sense of intuition tells me that the reason behind his faked death has to do with the Fast and Furious series, although why they would \”kill off\” one of the main stars in that series in a staged car accident is a mystery.  So I thought to approach the subject by looking at the other man who allegedly died in that same staged car accident to see if anything about him and his life provides any clues. 

In case you don\’t know the story, Roger Rodis who was Managing Director of Wealth Management for Bank of America Merrill Lynch (pictured below) is the other man who allegedly died at the same time as Walker.

I say both of these men faked their deaths, although probably not for the same reason(s).  And when I say they faked their deaths what I really mean is that their deaths were faked for them by others who wanted these men to appear to be dead in the Fake World.  In the Fake World, these two men died in a horrible car accident.  If the Real World, the car accident was staged and neither man was harmed.  The question is why was this done.

In doing some research into this topic, I came across some links of interest.  Below is one such link, with quotes from that link in black and any commentary I have in blue.

Evidence Paul Walker Is Still Alive His Crew Faked his Death

This hoax was achieved with the collaboration of the entire crew and production team of the Fast & Furious cabal in league with Universal Studios.  This goes along with my contention that the real reason behind Paul Walker faking his death is directly associated with the Fast and Furious Franchise. 

Below is an image of the alleged death car before the alleged fiery crash:

Below is an image of the alleged death car on fire after the alleged crash:

A further analysis of this image shows a man dressed in a white pyrotechnical suit (similar to what you might find on the set of a fiery crash in one of the Fast and Furious movies) right beside passenger door of the vehicle (see green arrow).  On the street beside the car is seen a fire extinguisher (see red arrow).

Here is a zoomed in image of the person in the pyrotechnical suit standing beside the burning car/

Below is a close up of the fire extinguisher placed on the curb as a prop:

Paul Walker is Not Dead

I believe that Paul Walker and Roger Rodis did not die in 2013 and the car accident was staged but I do not know the real story behind it.  I suspect that Walker and Rodis wanted to appear to be dead but for different reasons.  In the case of Paul Walker the reason may have been as others have contended, that Paul Walker was tired of his Hollywood acting career and he wanted out.  He knew he could never get out and get his life and privacy back except through a stunt like this.  That is one of the theories I have about Walker.  The other theory is that the man known as Paul Walker was some kind of an agent.  If you look at the life of Isaac Kappy and compare it to the life of Paul Walker there are definite parallels.  Kappy was a actor in Jewish Hollywood whose career and fame were made for him by others who engineered his fame.  I do not think his real name was ever Isaac Kappy but this was just a stage name invented for him.  And then Kappy suddenly stopped being a Hollywood actor.  He used his Hollywood fame to allege that other Hollywood actors such as Seth Green were notorious pedophiles and child murderers, which were completely untrue and outrageous claims.  The point I am trying to make is that \”Isaac Kappy\” was a Jewish agent for the Mossad who was just following a script given to him by others. An actor on the Jewish world stage. He would do whatever he was told.  Kappy was completely dishonest with the public.  He had a false front and was someone else in private that the public never saw and never knew about.  I suspect Paul Walker of some of the same things.  I say that I do not know who the man known as \”Paul Walker\” was.  I know how he presented himself.  I know who he pretended to be but I do not know who he was and I suspect he has deceived the world about himself.  Why would they stage his death when they did?  Well, he was at the top of his fame in the Fast and Furious movie series.  After making so many sequels he probably was not going to get any more famous.  So to have him appear to die in a horrible car crash is a way to keep his fame alive as \”Paul Walker\” while the man himself goes on to do other things with his life that he wants to do.  I don\’t think his name was ever really Paul Walker.  Like Isaac Kappy was a stage name, I think Paul Walker was a stage name.  We may never know the whole truth but what I can tell you is that this man can never become \”Paul Walker\” again.  With his faked death, he burnt his bridges to that fake identity forever.   The same with \”Isaac Kappy\”.  

The Fake Paul Walker Death Scene Versus Real Car Fire Victims

Below is an image of the alleged death car before the \”accident\”.  Click on the image and you can clearly see that Roger Rodis is driving and Paul Walker is in the passenger seat. Also note the black car in front of the alleged death car in this image.

What I and others allege is that there were two different similar looking vehicles used in this stunt.  One is the authentic Porsche seen in the above three images that Rodis and Walker were seen driving in before the staged accident.  This is a very expensive car owned by Roger Rodis.  The other is a look a like car which was purposely set on fire in the staged accident.  It was not a very expensive car but a look a like.  Rodis and Walker were never inside this second car, which is just a prop used in the staged car accident.  

Now I can begin to examine some obvious anomalies about the \”car accident\”.  Click on the below image.

It has been said that the car slammed into the tree (seen to the right of the car) and that this caused the fire.  Obviously the car did not hit the tree from the front since there is no damage at all seen to the hood of this car.  So the only believable alternative to that is that the car somehow slid into the tree and this caused the fire. But if that is the case then why is the damage to the car seen on the left?  What caused that damage?  Certainly not the tree to the right.  What I allege is that there was no accident.  This \”car wreck prop\” was placed in the position it is seen in the above image and then it was set on fire using Pyrotechnics as would be done in any Hollywood style movie, such as a movie from the Fast and Furious franchise.  This is a fraud.  If you can\’t see this is fake then you cannot see anything and why are you reading my Blog?
Click on the below link to watch the most fake fucking video in the world.  Nothing authentic about this at all.  If you believe this, go take your Covid 19 \”vaccine\” twice and die from complications because you are a waste of air.

7 thoughts on “Investigating Paul Walker\'s alleged Death

  1. But \”a man dressed in a white pyrotechnical suit\” is actually the smoke, it don't look like a human at all.


  2. With your further explanation (which appear when I reading your post again because you updated your post), I now can know with certainty the story \”Paul Walker's death in a car accident\” is 100% fake and staged. Your explanation is logical and acceptable that I cannot refuse it.


  3. Faked deaths happen in the Real World. Most people have no clue about how dishonest this world is so this is not even something they would see possible. Until a person knows the nature of the real world, they have no idea what goes on in it. If I can help to open people's eyes to these things then I am doing what I should do. Nothing on this blog is for the sake of sensationalism. Everything is for the sake of the truth being known to everyone. Since the establishment lies with zeal and gusto, people like me must expose their lies. I only wish I had more readership so I can get the word out better.


  4. Probably some Jews saw that your blog has important truth so they had told their friends to do rituals to curse your blog to make your blog have a lower readership (I admit it sound so bullshit but I just guess). Or the Jews who own this platform decrease the number of views in your blog to demotivate you.


  5. It could be. I am demotivated by the apparent lack of interest in my Blog. There is a Jewish concept called \”Dynamic Silence\” which could be the reason my Blog readership has gone down. Look it up if you don't know what it means, but its a Jewish method of silencing opposition by completely ignoring a person. It could be being applied to my Blog.


  6. I know very little about Chris Cornell. If his mother was a Jew then that makes Chris Cornell Jewish. It would not surprise me. I have no knowledge of his death being faked.


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