The 1917 Jewish Revolution in Russia

I see the 1917 Revolution in Russia as being a Jewish abomination on the world.  That this happened a little over a hundred years ago is shocking to me and I believe that Jews would like to do something like this to the entire world.  What the 1917 Revolution in Russia really was as I see it was a complete takeover of non Jewish Russia by the Jews and then a horrible genocide of the Russians took place.  This horrible genocide of Russians by Jews represents IMO the deep hatred Jews feel toward non Jews and this represents what Jews will do with total control if and when they get it.  Jews got total control of Russia in 1917 and they used that control to genocide the native Russian population in the most brutal and horrible ways imaginable.  Now Jews are getting into a position where they are gradually gaining total control of the world.  What will Jews do with total control of the world?  I think they showed us very clearly in 1917 what they will do.  Jews showed no mercy and brutally slaughtered and tortured non Jews in the most horrible ways imaginable.  

Here is a quote by one of the Jewish leaders of the 1917 Russian Revolution that shows the way Jews really feel about non Jews.  Read it and learn, because Jews still feel this way about non Jews today.


“We must turn Russia into a desert populated by white negroes upon whom we shall impose a tyranny such as the most terrible Eastern despots never dreamt of. The only difference is that this will be a left-wing tyranny, not a right-wing tyranny. It will be a red tyranny and not a white one. We mean the word ‘red’ literally, because we shall shed such floods of blood as will make all the human losses suffered in the capitalist wars pale by comparison. The biggest bankers across the ocean will work in the closest possible contact with us. If we win the revolution, we shall establish the power of Zionism upon the wreckage of the revolution’s funeral, and we shall became a power before which the whole world will sink to its knees. We shall show what real power is. By means of terror and bloodbaths, we shall reduce the Russian intelligentsia to a state of complete stupefaction and idiocy and to an animal existence.”

Here is a document I have recently found by a Russian Aristocrat who escaped Russia and wrote about what the Jews did to his country.  I recommend you read it because this document exposes the Jewish hidden tyranny controlling the world even at that time.  So this document is relevant to today because this same hidden tyranny controls the world today.  Those who fail to learn from the past are doomed to repeat it.



If you look at my post on the Jewish Master Plan, I state that Jews are purposely keeping their control of the world secret for strategic reasons as they gather more and more control to themselves but that at some point they plan to have enough control so that no non Jewish power can oppose them.  Once they reach this level of total control then Jews plan to suddenly reveal to all non Jews the truth.  I hope I am wrong about what I foresee may happen when the hidden hand reveals itself but I sense a slaughter and genocide of non Jews world wide similar to what took place in Russia after the 1917 Revolution was successful.  Imagine genocide of non Jews on that scale.  I believe that is part of the Jewish Master Plan.  God help humanity if the world falls into this horrible state.  I fear we are heading toward it unless humanity wakes up before its doom.


“The Bolshevik Revolution in Russia was the work of Jewish planning and Jewish dissatisfaction. Our Plan is to have a New World Order. What worked so wonderfully in Russia, is going to become Reality for the whole world.” -The American Hebrew Magazine, 1920

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