Good Goy


This image should be added to my pictures from the Real World Thread because it shows the Real World.  What it shows is the President of the United States, Joe Biden, down on his knees kneeling in submission before two Israelis who are watching in obvious delight as the POTUS grovels like a dog in submission. If I were to add a caption to that image it would be: \”Thank you for making me President.\”  Behold your fallen country, America. There was a time when JFK was President that being the POTUS meant something but Jews killed that man and replaced him with a puppet.  Ever since that fateful day in November 1963 the U.S. Government has been in the hands of Jewish traitors.  The picture above is proof for anyone to see what the U.S. Government is today.  But just in case you don\’t get it, the image below shows with crystal clarity who owns and controls the U.S. Government lock, stock and barrel. Click on the image to view it in detail.

This Blog gets almost no readership so I don\’t know who I am writing this to.  I may as well as not even keep this Blog but still I feel a need to speak the truth to anyone out there who still gives a fuck about anything.  If anyone in the USA considers themselves a Patriot to America, ask yourself what are you a Patriot to?  The USA does not exist anymore.  Its turned into a big Jewish vassal state for Israel.  Nobody should be a Patriot to a vassal state.  And if anyone reading this wants to use the above image as an excuse to support Trump, then I say Fuck You.  I did not make this post exposing Biden for you to want to replace him with someone even worse than Biden, which is Trump.  Trump is a Jew who is 100% in bed with Jews and Israel.  He is not honest and he is not a Patriot to the USA.  Any American idiots who support Trump can get the fuck off my Blog because you are not wanted here.  America is completely compromised now.  Both political parties are nothing but controlled opposition for the Jews.  Its the Jewish Master Plan, baby.  Better learn it.   Or go watch football and go shopping at the mall.  I may not be keeping this Blog for much longer because I get the sense I might as well be talking to the wall for all the good I am doing with it.  I will end this post by saying what I believe with all my heart.  The only way to change the ugly image at the top of this post is to revolt against the status quo.  Real Patriots want to free their country from tyranny and are willing to do something to make it happen. Voting for \”the lesser of two evils\” in a rigged election where both sides are controlled by Jews is NOT the answer to anything except for continued Jewish slavery. There is no peaceful solution to this problem.  Revolution against Jewish control of America is the only thing that will save America.  Unless that happens I guarantee you that the future of America and the entire world is a very dark one.  Jews are counting on the Goyim doing nothing at all as their world disintegrates around them.  And if the Goyim do nothing and allow it to happen, do they deserve their fate?  I am not the one to answer that question.  I only know I want the Goyim to fight back.

12 thoughts on “Good Goy

  1. You said: \”This Blog gets almost no readership so I don't know who I am writing this to\”. You are writing this to me. You have done God's given duty because I am the one who will rise up against the evil establishment in the future and bring light to the world. Back then, I am completely ignorant but thank to your blog, I have opened my eye. Trust me, I am a very important person. I am more supernatural than you think or believe. The Jews belong to the supernatural evil force and it is an evil part of nature, it is part of the design. If there is heat, there is also cold. If there are perverted things, there are also straight things. Humans have both good and evil. If there is an evil race who worships the Devil like the Jews, there is also a good race who worships God (the true God). All these forces exist in secrets on this world because we cannot simply reveal the fact of spirituality and supernatural things (such as God and the Devil, the good race and the evil race). The highest God is both good and evil, or to be precise, he is beyond good and evil (Abraxas). We don't worship this God, we don't worship Abraxas, because we worship the pure good God that you will be offended when knowing his name (of course his name is not Satan because Satan is the name of the Devil). If there is black, there is white. If there is darkness, there is light. All possibilities exist in the design, therefore, by design, there is a supernatural good force that will oppose the Jews and it is part of nature as well. I belong to this force, I am the representative of them. I know you cannot believe what I talk because it seems too childish and too fictitious, but what I talk is 100% real.


  2. We need at least 50 years for preparations and the process. But I and my allies will fight back the establishment with the entire humanity, and we will win.


  3. I don't force you to create more content or write more things on this blog. You have done God's given duty. But you are free to write more posts if you feel you need to do. You can rest and the rest is for me and my allies.


  4. Couple points:1) A long time ago I got into a quarrelsome disagreement with someone who said giving to the Jerry Lewis Telethon was a big scam. But whether Jerry's Kids get better was never the point of giving. It's about what it does for the donor's soul.If you maintain this blog because you think you're making a difference in our culture or in other people's lives … you're not. But you already know that. In fact, no typewriter warrior is making any difference, regardless of traffic. Real change only comes from the streets.No, you're working the blog for what it does for YOU. And who knows how that may come back around to you in 10 or 20 or 30 years. It sustains your mental health and self-worth.And to give you some credit, this is the 3rd or 4th blog I visit every morning, albeit usually only for a minute or two. The Jackie killshot honestly shocked me, and I didn't know that was still possible on our locked-down Internet. I don't usually comment because (a) your presentations are self-contained and irrefutable, and (b) there's no doubt this site is being monitored, and I don't wish to end up on another 3-letter alphabet list. Oops, too late.2) It's impossible to get outraged over any given Biden photo on any given Tuesday, because every 24 hours produces a handful of outrage opportunities from this administration. Remember that insane photo of Joe & Jill meeting with Jimmy & Roslyn, where the former pair are 1.5x the size of the latter? Obviously a Photoshop, no meeting took place, but everybody just moves on.When you're in the middle of a (((Communist))) coup there's no time to stop and smell the individual roses.


  5. I appreciate your comment. Sometimes I feel quite depressed and frustrated about the status quo of the world that I appear to be able to do nothing about and I vent that on my Blog. Seeing the world too clearly when the world has clearly turned bad is not good for one's mental health. The happiest people are probably those who in total ignorance of the status quo or those who pretend it does not exist – i.e. the Blue Pill. I've already made my choice not to go that route and I am committed to the path I am on, for better or worse. I feel compelled to be on this path. Even if nobody except me really gets it I guess that does not matter. You are correct when you say I keep this Blog for myself. I do it because I want the truth to be spoken as I see it. In a world that is obsessed with telling only lies and bullshit, I feel compelled to document the truth as I see it, such as the truth about Jackie killing JFK that you mention. I don't know why I am in this position. I don't know why I am the one spearheading the truth about that and many other things while the world apparently does not care. It bothers me that I am so out of sync with the world around me and with the thinking of people around me. I really feel alone and separate from others. I have chosen to separate myself from others so I can find some clarity and peace of mind in the midst of all the world's insanity. Had I not separated myself then I would know nothing. I would be like every other blue pilled person trapped inside the Matrix. I don't know why I am here. I don't know where I am going. I am very troubled by the state of the world.


  6. Truth matters to me very much. To me, truth matters more than anything else. In a world that is filled with lies and deception and this one clearly is, I have a responsibility to speak the truth. Lies and deception are an abomination and it is my destiny to help expose them to other people, if anyone cares to listen to my voice. If I can wake up even one single person to the truth with this Blog then it is worth me keeping it. Truth is the highest concept. I may not be able to know God directly but I can know truth and differentiate it from lies. Truth is as close to God as I can come and I seek it out everywhere.


  7. Great article! the picture above speaks for itself..! could you do another pic like this under the trump adminsitration, trump the traitor is another trotsky….and so many are fooled by that idiot..


  8. November 22, 1963 is a day I'll always remember because the air raid sirens went off and my grade school teacher told us to get under our desks because it wasn't noon when they test the sirens and they went on for the longest time. Many years later at a flea market I bought a well-used pair of police handcuffs and would wear them on my left wrist all day long on every November 22 but my bones and blood vessels are not as strong as they once were so instead of that I do public performance art in my front yard. It began with hand-painted signs which got me a favorable 3-minute spot on the KOB-4 10 O'Clock Newsa few years ago and very recently on KRQE-13 for my Barbie dolls. The Barbies began with broken glass glued to their faces, and breasts and groin if they were nude. Then they were bound in bondage poses with wire and the same Hot Red enamle paint of my signs was used to show blood leaking from the bondage sites and some of them had blood running all down their thighs and legs. Then most of them got wood screws into their biceps and a screw into their left breast, all with blood. And they're offered for free to passersby. This got the attention of a busybody whose efferts to mount a protest mob fizzled but she persuaded to city polizei to ask me to take them down and my answer was that there's nothing illegal in modifying Barbie dolls and giving them away. So now my signs hang on the cinder block wall saying things like: FREE WOKE BARBIES, FREE SCIENCE DOLLS, BOLSHEVIST BARBIES, etc.You're doing this blog for you, not to change the world.


  9. The vast majority of people nowadays have no idea what's happening. They've been vaccinated by the schools and media to worship jews. Maybe it was because of my \”jewish privilege\” that KOB4 had my photo of asign very prominent saying \”'Holocaust' is HOAX\” but I'm what used to be called, prior to 1963 and Vatican II, a \”judaeo-christian\” in that I've renounced and denounced my birthright and merit the publishment of death by any jews who care to carry out sentence if they can do it without Hillul Hashem.There's an installation of electronics in my front yard with everything saying the word LIES in red paint. A huge Sony WEGA Trintron flat-screen 35\” TV from 2008 I bought for $5 at a thrift store and never even plugged it in, it went right into the display. 20\” room fans with the word LIES on all their vanees and flat surfaces spin in the wind. Stereo components and telephones of all sorts, all say LIES.


  10. Thank you for writing this, please don't take it down. People may not comment, but that are seeing it and more need to read it. You and you're work are greatly appreciated. Ignore the opposition, they would be happy to convince you to take this down.


  11. I plan to keep this Blog up in its current form but its possible that Google may kill the entire Blog as they killed other blogs on their platform. I do not know how long it is going to last but it would be helpful if you could make others aware of this Blog while it still exists. I have done my very best on this Blog to tell the truth as I see it and I think its an invaluable source of truthful information that is perhaps available nowhere else. I created this Blog to help red pill people and I do not want it to just go to waste. Even though I am no longer adding new posts to it I would like it if you spread the word to others about it. My mission is to spread the truth as I see it and I hope that is your mission too. We are all in this together.


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