The Deepest Rabbit Hole

I recently discovered a link that is full of other links that describe the Jewish Problem in great detail.  I will be discussing some of this information in more detail in subsequent posts but for now I invite you to go down the deepest rabbit.  I tell you up front that you will not like what you find there but you need to go down there anyway and learn the truth.  Because the truth you don\’t know can definitely hurt you and your family.  Its far better to know what you are really up against than to be completely blind and vulnerable to it.  I show you these things not to disturb you but to warn you of a great menace that has the entire earth in its grasp.  Where ever you live, you are affected by this.  Even if you live in Vietnam or another out of the way third world nation you are still affected by this.  There is no place you can go on the earth to escape this because this is reality.  You can close your eyes to reality and pretend it does not exist but that is self deception.  You cannot make this go away by refusing to believe in it.  Regardless of what you believe, this is the reality for planet earth.  If you live here, you are affected by it  Better to know than not to know.  Come down the rabbit hole if you dare.  Or take the Blue pill and go watch that Football game on TV.

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