A Hidden Tyranny

Imagine a world wide tyranny that is hidden from the people and that disguises itself as Freedom and Democracy.  This is the world as it exists today.  It is what I refer to when speak of a Jewish World.  In this world, \”Freedom\” and \”Democracy\” are mere illusions to hide the hidden tyranny.  Why a hidden tyranny?  Because the people cannot fight what they cannot see.  If the world were an open dictatorship and everyone could see the tyranny plainly then of course there would be massive resistance to it by the people.  But with a hidden tyranny there is little to no resistance in the people who are basically nothing more than slaves to the System but they do not know it.  Only those of us who have seen through the Jewish Lies about the world know the truth.  But its much easier for the Jews to maintain their Jewish slave state keeping the cattle ignorant of the true reality of the world the cattle live in.  If you are a non Jew reading this then you were born a slave into the Jewish world without knowing it.  Its taken me most of my life to figure it out.  As I have said repeatedly on this Blog, the original Matrix is full of hidden truth about this Jewish world we live in.  Presented as an allegory, it is up to us to realize the true meaning of statements such as the following.  I have.


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