Jackie was a Ruthless Assassin


In the previous post, I gave three possible explanations of why Jackie would assassinate JFK, as follows:

1)  She was convinced to do it willingly.

2)  CIA mind control was used to get her to do it unwillingly.

3)  She was a deep cover CIA/Mossad agent who was a trained assassin

In that post I said that these are the three possibilities concerning Jackie killing JFK but that I believed that the last explanation is the truth. But the best way to answer this question is to look at the Zapruder film and to observe what it clearly shows about Jackie\’s behavior around the time of the head shot.  It is her behavior in the Zapruder film that shows who she really was.  There are a sequence of frames in the Zapruder film that I want to direct your attention to so I can prove my point.  I would like you to download the Zapruder frames from the internet so I can show you what I want to say. Below is a link to a web site that has a link on it that allows you to download a zip file containing all of the Zapruder frame images.  Please download that zip file to your computer and extract the images from it because I will be using these images in this post as a reference.


As an independent investigator of the JFK assassination, I have studied these images extensively and what they tell me is very revealing.  I do not need anyone else\’s interpretation of what these frames show.  I am quite capable and intelligent and insightful enough to do my own interpretation and at this point I certainly do not trust anyone else on the internet to tell me the whole truth about the JFK assassination.  If I am ever going to know the truth about the JFK assassination, it is me who has to discover that truth for myself, and I have.  My repeated posts saying Jackie killed JFK are a direct result of what I see her do in the Zapruder film and I also see what other people do in the film.  But staying on Jackie for now, if you have downloaded the Zapruder frames as I asked then I want to show you a sequence of frames that really tells who Jackie was better than anything else in the Zapruder film.  Its where Jackie totally let down her false cover and showed the world who she really was, for those who have eyes to see it.  I have eyes to see it and I am trying to open your eyes also.

Find a good image viewer that allows you to easily move between images inside a folder and then open Frame 313.  This is when Jackie did the head shot.  From frame 313 use the controls in your image viewer to move forward up to Frame 326.  Here is where Jackie threw the weapon out of her hand back onto the trunk of the Limousine.  The weapon is disguised as a white blob that has been drawn onto the frames but that is what she did.  She threw the weapon out of her hand back onto the trunk. Cycle forward in the film and watch how Jackie just callously pushes JFK away from her like he is just a piece of meat that she cares nothing about and then her entire focus is on climbing back onto the trunk to retrieve the weapon she threw there.  I plan to be discussing her throwing the weapon on the trunk further in a later post but I what want to show in this post is that these frames paint the picture of who Jackie really was, which is a ruthless, cold hearted, efficient assassin who felt nothing at all for her husband who she had just murdered.  Her only thought after killing him was to go back and get the weapon she had tossed out of her hand.  She cared nothing about her husband at all.  What she showed instead is how she really felt about him.  She showed total contempt and hatred of her husband with no human emotions whatsoever.  This is who Jackie really was. Jackie put on a very good show for the public, pretending to be so nice and soft spoken but inside she was as cold as ice and in these Zapruder film frames we see the real Jackie Kennedy. So she was not someone who once loved her husband and was convinced to do this.  She never loved her husband. She is also not under mind control because she is very cognizant that she has thrown the weapon and that she needs to retrieve it.  She is a trained assassin.  This leaves us with only the third possibility to explain Jackie assassinating her husband.  She was a deep cover CIA/Mossad agent trained in assassination before she even married JFK.  All during her marriage to JFK she appeared to be one thing but inside she was someone else which she carefully hid from both JFK and from the public.  She only showed that face in private and on the Zapruder film for us to see plainly who she really was on the inside.  So I very strongly contend that Jackie was a ruthless assassin and that she was an agent from the time she first met JFK.  Jews are behind Jackie, meaning that Jackie was a deep cover Mossad Agent.  This is 100% what I believe about Jackie after looking at everything.  Was Jackie Jewish?  Although I cannot find absolute proof of it, I believe Jackie was Jewish and her true loyalty was to Jews all along and not to her husband or to America or anything else.  She was the perfect drama queen in public but she had a very carefully hidden dark side that she showed the world in the Zapruder film. 

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