What Explains Jackie being the assassin?

Before I make this post I want to say something important about this Blog that I want all who read it to understand.  I have created this Blog mainly for myself so I can clearly document what I see as the truth.  Besides myself, I have created it for anyone else who wants to know the truth as I see it.  This does not mean that I am not interested in the opinions of others.  I do care what other people think but in no way I am going to base what I believe on what other people think.  I am open to feedback on what I say but on some topics such as the JFK assassination I am not open to feedback.  I am here to tell you what the truth is as I see it, period.  Whether anyone else chooses to accept it as truth is immaterial to me.  I have nobody to please but myself.  My only goal with this Blog is to document the truth as I see the truth.  

In a previous post I document that I see it as fact that Jackie assassinated JFK but what I have not explained is why she would do such a horrible thing to her own husband.  What we are talking about here is a wife murdering her own husband in cold blood.  What explains this?  I feel compelled to go beyond just saying that Jackie killed JFK to explain why she did it.  In order to paint the most truthful picture of this assassination it is very important to explain this.  I see three different possible explanations for Jackie killing JFK which I document in the following paragraphs.

Explanation One:  She was convinced to do it.

In this explanation, Jackie was an honest person at first who loved JFK, married him and then for some reason fell out of love with him and she came to hate him.  Perhaps she became aware that JFK was having marital affairs behind her back.  The CIA might have secretly photographed JFK with other women and showed this to Jackie.  Or maybe she was bribed into doing it.  For example, a deal may have been presented to Jackie such as this one:  If you kill JFK for us then after a period of waiting then you can marry Aristotle Onassis and live in wealth and luxury for the rest of your life.  I note that earlier in 1963 when Jackie went on vacation in Greece she spent time with Aristotle Onassis.  She could have been presented with a deal at this time to turn her and convince her to willingly assassinate her husband.  It would take a woman of very evil character to accept such a deal but that could very well have been Jackie Kennedy on the inside.  So this is one possible reason why Jackie might kill her husband.

Explanation Two: She was a mind control victim.

In this explanation, CIA developed mind control techniques were used on Jackie Kennedy against her will to make her kill her husband and then to forget about what she did it afterwards, kind of like a Manchurian candidate.  Since I have seen that the CIA was heavily involved in this assassination and since the CIA is known to have been involved in mind control, it is certainly a possibility that the CIA used mind control on the First Lady to get her to kill her husband.  This explanation paints Jackie Kennedy in the best possible light by making her a victim of the evil CIA.  This is possible but I do not believe it.

Explanation Three:  She was a CIA/Mossad Agent from the very beginning.

In this explanation, Jackie was a CIA or Mossad agent from the very beginning before she even married JFK.  All during her marriage to him she remained an agent in secret.  Her husband had no clue she was an agent.  So when the time came when the CIA/Mossad wanted JFK dead, she was the agent they called upon to do it.  She was trained in assassination techniques and she killed JFK willingly as an agent of the CIA or the Mossad.  This is the explanation I find the most plausible.

Of all the places to look for an answer to this question, one of the most bizarre sources I have seen is a Jewish rock group named Queen from the 1970\’s who wrote a song called \”Killer Queen\”.  Perhaps you have heard of it.  Listening to the lyrics of that song, there is no doubt in my mind that this song is talking about Jackie being the assassin of JFK.  And this an openly Jewish group.  Everyone is supposed to think that Oswald killed JFK and here is this Jewish group singing a song that says Jackie did it and the lyrics even tell why she did it:  a built in remedy to Kruchev and Kennedy.  Using the phrase built in just confirms that Jackie was a agent from the beginning.  How does Queen know about this?  How do Jews know things we mere non Jewish mortals don\’t?  In any case I consider the mere existence of this song to be important evidence that Jackie was a Mossad Agent early and that she was working for the Mossad all along even while married to JFK. 

6 thoughts on “What Explains Jackie being the assassin?

  1. Re: \”Jackie was an honest person at first who loved JFK, married him and then for some reason fell out of love with him and she came to hate him. Perhaps she became aware that JFK was having marital affairs behind her back.\”Pretty good evidence JFK was gay. See \”Looks like JFK was Gay\” by Miles Mathis.http://mileswmathis.com/jfkgay.pdf


  2. Miles Mathis is a disinformation agent. He has some very convincing posts which actually tell the truth (even the deep truth), but he is still a disinformation agent. He is clearly a disinformation agent with some very revealing posts which match with Jewish agendas. I have no doubt about that.


  3. Miles Mathis is a disinformation agent who says that the JFK assassination was faked and that JFK did not die. Although I used to listen to him, I do not trust Miles Mathis in any way now.


  4. Uo No longer a Trump Supporter: M.M. a disinformation agent? Really? Then why did you recently post dozens and dozens of links to his articles, articles you admittedly endorsed? There is a difference between being a disinformation agent and writing an article such as the faked JFK assassination which IS too far-fetched to accept.


  5. I can be deceived about someone and then later realize I was wrong about them. I have been deceived by many such people who I originally endorsed and then later condemned as disinformation agents. Miles Mathis is one. Fiona Barnett is another Rusty Nelson is another. I am not perfect. I do not always get it right but my eyes are always open to deception and I look for proof that a person who I think is honest is actually a deceiver. So yes, I endorsed Miles Mathis which I now say was a mistake that I am correcting. Miles Mathis is the one who said the JFK assassination is faked and he said that with the same \”sincerity\” as all of his other posts. A good tree does not produce bad fruit. A good tree cannot produce bad fruit but a bad tree can produce fruit that appears to be good but that is not good. I must reject Miles Mathis as dishonest and ignore everything he says.


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