Two more Facts about the JFK Assassination

1) The weapon used by Jackie to kill the President was very small and easily concealed and yet it was very powerful. Its purpose was to fire a single projectile at point blank range that would go all the way through the target\’s head, killing the target instantly.  IMO it was not a gun but a custom created weapon specifically designed for this assassination by either the CIA or the Jewish Mossad.  The CIA is just a front for the Jewish Mossad in the Real World so it was very likely the CIA that created this weapon specifically to kill JFK.

2)  For a reason that is not clear to me, it appears that Jackie threw this weapon out of her hand immediately after the assassination and it landed on the left rear corner of the trunk of the Limousine.  When people ask the question, why did Jackie climb onto the trunk?  The answer to that question is that she climbed onto the trunk to retrieve the weapon she had thrown out of her hand.  But U.S. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill beat her to it and he retrieved the weapon from the left rear corner of the trunk first.  The fact that Clint Hill moved so fast to get to the tossed weapon tells me that it may have been planned for Jackie to get the weapon out of her hand as quickly as possible after the assassination but on the other hand, why would she have tossed the weapon if she was going to immediately retrieve it?  Logic says that Jackie tossed the weapon instinctively after the head shot and then she went back on the trunk to retrieve it.  Clint Hill saw her toss the weapon and he moved very fast to get to it before she did, so Clint Hill retrieved the weapon.  Once more this proves a massive Conspiracy involving many people to assassinate JFK.  Although Jackie was the assassin she was just one component in a very organized assassination involving many players.  The Jewish Mossad was ultimately behind the assassination.

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