Questions about the JFK Assassination

Question: Who killed JFK?  His wife, Jackie Kennedy.

Question:  Why would the Conspirators choose Jackie to be the assassin, of all people?  Because she is the very last person that anyone in the public would ever suspect of being the assassin.  Nobody would suspect her and this made her the perfect assassin.  The Conspirators could feel comfortable knowing that they were completely safe and that nobody would know the truth because nobody would suspect Jackie. In addition, she was perfectly trusted by JFK and she had the very best access to him of all people.  Again, this made her the very best choice to be the assassin.  There is another reason why they would choose her, which is that she was a Mossad Agent in disguise since before she married JFK.  I will be discussing this in a subsequent post.
Question:  Why would Jackie kill her own husband and the father of her children?   I will be answering this question in a subsequent post.  This question is not easily answered so I am devoting an entire post to answering it.  Here is that post.  
Question:  Why have Jackie kill him? Why not an assassin?  It is my opinion that Jackie was an assassin. Before she even met JFK she was affiliated with Central Intelligence Agency working for them in some secret capacity. This is documented. And then she was introduced to JFK by a CIA asset. It can be said that Jackie was a CIA agent whose assignment was JFK. Even though she married him and had children by him, she never stopped being an agent. And the CIA is involved in assassinations and their agents are involved in assassinations. So Jackie was an assassin working for the CIA (and the Jews). Using Jackie as the assassin was the best way for the real perps to kill JFK and not be blamed for it. Anyone wanting to discover the real perps would have to go through Jackie first. It was really a brilliant but very evil scheme.
Question:  What was the actual weapon that killed JFK?  It was a small weapon that could be easily concealed that was purposely created for the purpose of assassination.  It may have been created specifically for this assassination.  It was created by the Mossad or the CIA.  It fired a single projectile.  It was designed to be fired at point blank range and it was powerful enough to send its projectile all the way through the head of the target, killing the target instantly.  This is the weapon Jackie used to kill JFK.
Question:  Why is the weapon Jackie used to kill her husband never seen in the Zapruder film?  It was passed to her concealed in something else so it could not be seen. The weapon was hidden between Jackie and JFK during the assassination.  Immediately after the assassination Jackie tossed the weapon and it was concealed in the Zapruder film frames using a trick to conceal it.  See this post for more information about how the weapon was hidden in the Zapruder film frames.
Question:  How did Jackie get the weapon that she used to kill her husband?  IMO it was passed to her concealed inside of another object.  Two significant things that were passed to Jackie that very easily could have concealed this weapon were a lambchop puppet and a bouquet of red flowers.  Either one could have contained the weapon or it could have already been inside the Limo in a hidden location waiting for her to retrieve it. 
Question:  How did Jackie use this weapon to kill JFK?  She pressed it up underneath JFK\’s left cheekbone and fired upward at a diagonal angle.  The projectile entered JFK\’s head at a point near his left cheekbone, it went upward and at a diagonal angle up through his head, it went through his brain, it sheared a hole on the front upper right side of JFK\’s skull as it exited.  JFK\’s brains can be seen clearly protruding through this hole in his skull in the Zapruder film. 
Question: Was Jackie trained in advance how to assassinate JFK and if so where and when did that training take place?  I can only speculate here but I believe she was trained in advance and the assassination was probably rehearsed.  I note that Jackie left the USA and went on a vacation suddenly in 1963 to Turkey and Greece and stayed for several months.  She could have easily been trained to assassinate JFK during this time.
Question:  Why did Jackie climb onto the trunk of the Limo after the assassination?  Immediately after the assassination Jackie tossed the weapon on top of the trunk.  I do not think she was supposed to do this but she did it perhaps instinctively.  Afterwards she climbed onto the trunk to retrieve the weapon she had thrown there.
Question:  Why was JFK assassinated?  I can only speculate here but I suspect there were various reasons behind the assassination.  One of the main reasons I have identified is that JFK was adamant that Israel not be allowed to develop nuclear weapons at its Dimona facility and yet Israel was adamant about developing these weapons. I see this as the prime motive behind the assassination.  Other motives appear, such as that JFK was issuing U.S. currency outside of the Jew controlled Federal Reserve Bank and also that JFK was seriously threatening to break up the CIA (a Jewish Mossad Front).  So it could have been a single reason or multiple reasons why they killed JFK. 
Question:  Why assassinate JFK in public and not in private?  I can only speculate here but I believe that part of the assassination plot from the beginning was to do the assassination in public and then to quickly blame it on a patsy in the Jew controlled media.  By the time the public got around to asking the question of who killed their President the Jew controlled media was already giving them the answer Jews wanted the public to believe.  There is a second reason I can see for assassinating JFK in public, which is because JFK was truly hated and despised by powerful Jews and they wanted to not just to kill him but to kill him in the most humiliating way.  A head shot in public where his brains were literally blown out of his head and captured on camera is the most humiliating way that JFK could have been murdered.  Its like a revenge killing that a powerful mob boss would order against someone who had majorly pissed him off.  So I see multiple reasons for the assassination to be done in public instead of in private.
Question:  Were shots fired from the grassy knoll?  Yes, but they were not fired at the Limousine.  They were distraction shots fired in the air, likely by CIA agents, just before Jackie fired the head shot with the purpose of getting everyone honest to look away from the Limousine and toward the direction of the shots.  These shots were timed very carefully to allow Jackie to do the head shot without being observed by anyone honest in the crowd.  Also the noise of the shots from the grassy knoll would conceal the noise made by the weapon Jackie used when it was fired.  So the shots from the grassy knoll were used to distract and to provide cover for Jackie to do the assassination without anyone in the crowed seeing or hearing anything unusual. 
Question:  What about the shot to JFK\’s throat?  This shot was not made by a bullet but by a dart or flanchette fired from a CIA weapon disguised as an umbrella that was very near to the Limousine as it passed close to the Stemmons freeway sign. (see below image).  
This flanchette was coated with a CIA created toxin that would very quickly immobilize JFK and make him helpless to resist Jackie killing him.  Had he not been immobilized with the throat shot then Jackie could not have killed him the way she did. 
Question:  Was the CIA involved in the assassination?  Absolutely.  Since I see the CIA as being a front for the Jewish Mossad and that it was the Jewish Mossad who ultimately was behind the assassination, it makes sense that a Mossad front organization like the CIA that was already involved in assassinations would be heavily involved.
Question:  Was the U.S. Secret Service involved in the assassination?  Yes. The POTUS could not have been successfully assassinated without the U.S. Secret Service completely standing down and allowing it to happen.  The U.S. Secret Service completely betrayed JFK and did nothing to protect him from being assassinated. 
Question:  Who knew about the assassination in advance?  Virtually everyone in the motorcade.  Everyone inside the Presidential Limo except for JFK.  People on the ground around the Limo when the assassination happened.  The CIA.  The U.S. Secret Service.  The Mossad. LBJ.  Many many people knew about the assassination in advance.  This was a BIG Conspiracy involving a lot of people.
Question:  Was the Presidential motorcade route changed at the last moment and if so what part did this play in the assassination?  Yes the route was changed and the Presidential Limousine was purposely directed to a pre-planned location where the assassination would take place.  All the people in that location were agents.  I am not saying everyone in the crowd along the way to the location was an agent but at the spot where the assassination took place they made sure there were only agents there so nobody honest could witness the assassination up close.
Question:  Who were the people seen in the Zapruder film standing near the Limo at the time of the assassination?  These were all agents, either CIA or Mossad or Sayanim. Although they appeared to be just fans who were there to see JFK, they were all in on the assassination.
Question:  Did the Limo come to a complete stop at the time of the head shot?  I believe yes but that this has been edited out of the Zapruder film.  However you can clearly see in the Zapruder film how centrifugal force is affecting the people in the Limo, showing that it had a sudden change of momentum that reflected it coming to a sudden stop.
Question:  Who was Abraham Zapruder?  A Jewish Mossad Agent.  He was in the perfect spot to capture the head shot not by coincidence but because he was set up there for the specific purpose of capturing the moment of JFK\’s death.  
Question:  Who was Lee Harvey Oswald and why was he chosen as the patsy?  I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA Agent who was unknowingly set up to take the fall for the JFK assassination by the conspirators.  For the CIA to use one of its own agents allowed them to control that agent and to set him up without his knowledge.  By the time he discovered the truth it was too late for him to do anything about it.  
Question:  Was LBJ directly involved in the assassination?  No.  LBJ knew the assassination was going to happen in advance but he was not involved in it.  His only role was to assume the Presidency once JFK was declared dead.
Question:  Was Texas Governor John Connally directly involved in the assassination?  Yes.  He is seen in the Zapruder film talking calmly with the assassin between the throat shot and the head shot.  He was working directly with Jackie and assisting her in the assassination.  John Connally was a Zionist Snake.
Question:  Was John Connally shot?  No.  His shooting was staged to give a false impression to the public that shots were being fired at the Limo from outside and that he was hit by one.  He was never shot at all.  His shooting was faked.
Question:  Was George H.W. Bush involved in the assassination?  No.
Question:  Did the Limo Driver shoot JFK?  Absolutely not.  This is a disinformation campaign used by the Jewish Snake to make noobs look at the Driver instead of at Jackie.  The driver (U.S. Secret Service Agent William Greer) knew about the assassination in advance but he did not shoot JFK.  Anyone who blames the driver is a disinformation agent, including this Snake:
Bill Cooper, Jew owned disinformation agent:
Question:  What was the involvement of U.S. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill?  Clint Hill was one of the many people who knew about the assassination in advance but Clint Hill has special involvement.  As the main U.S. Secret Service agent assigned to Jackie I believe Clint Hill was a Jewish Mossad agent. Additionally, it was Clint Hill who quickly ran to the back of the Limo to retrieve the weapon that Jackie had thrown back onto the trunk immediately after the head shot.  IMO he was a Mossad Agent who was working directly with Jackie in the assassination.  
Question:  Was Organized Crime (AKA \”the mob\”) directly involved in the assassination?  No but they knew about the assassination in advance and they were to give cover to the real Conspirators by allowing themselves to be blamed.  In addition, Frank Sinatra was involved in giving cover for the assassination.  Frank Sinatra was involved in a scheme involving a fake kidnapping of his son that took place very shortly after the assassination.  The purpose of this was to take the public\’s attention away from the JFK assassination to distract them.  An Oklahoma motel owner who had ties to the mob actually disclosed that JFK was going to be killed and that Frank Sinatra\’s son was going to be kidnapped.  See this link for more info. 
Question:  Was the Dallas Police Department involved in the assassination?  Very likely.
Question:  Who was Jack Ruby and why did he kill Lee Harvey Oswald?  Jack Ruby was actually named Jack Rubenstein who was a Jew with ties to organized crime in Dallas Texas. He killed Oswald to shut him up.  Although it has been hidden from the public, I believe that Oswald attempted to tell Dallas Police that he was a CIA agent but they did not believe him.  Had Oswald not been killed then the public would have quickly discovered that he was not the assassin.  So to silence Oswald and to keep him as a patsy, Jack Ruby was assigned to kill him.
Question:  How did Jack Rubenstein die?  He was given quick acting cancer by the CIA to silence him because Jack Ruby was starting to talk to reporters.
If you have any questions that I have not answered here then please ask them in the comments of this post.

3 thoughts on “Questions about the JFK Assassination

  1. I believe that Lee Harvey Oswald was a CIA Agent who was unknowingly set up to take the fall for the JFK assassination by the conspirators. For the CIA to use one of its own agents allowed them to control that agent and to set him up without his knowledge. What do the world \”set up\” mean? \”Set up unknowingly\” and \”set up without his knowledge\”, so do you mean he is under mind control to be jail in prison for the conspiracy?


  2. By \”set up\”, I mean to make him appear as if he were a communist sympathizer by having him pass out pro-Castro and pro-Cuba pamphlets. Making him appear to be a traitor by defecting to the USSR. Making him appear as if he was assassin by getting him to work in the Texas Schoolbook Depository, this putting him on the scene where he could be blamed for the assassination. There were other ways the CIA could set up one of its own agents without the agent being aware he was being set up for something. No, I do not say that Lee Harvey Oswald was under mind control. What I contend is that he was given assignments by the CIA and told a bogus reason behind the assignments so that he would willingly go along with them. For example, his defection to Russia could have been to be a double agent to spy on Russia for the CIA. What I am saying is that the CIA used Oswald by giving him assignments that were later used to make him appear to be a communist sympathizer and a traitor to the USA, which was used to really demonize Oswald in the eyes of the general public to make him appear to be an evil man who would single handedly kill the POTUS. Does that make sense? This is a good question. Ask more questions if you still do not understand what I mean by \”set up\”.


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