One of the most important things I want to say on this Blog


I\’ve said it before. I\’m not believed.  I\’ll say it again.  I\’ll say it as many times as it takes until you accept it as the truth.  Despite all the different stories you have been told about the JFK assassination there is only one truth to explain it and that truth is clearly shown in the above GIF.  There is no other proof I need to make than to clearly show you Jackie killing JFK.  If I have a mission with this Blog, surely a big part of that mission is to convince others of the reality of this.  The Jewish Snake has purposely created a million Conspiracy theories to hide and conceal what the Jewish Snake did here, so that anyone hearing me say that Jackie killed JFK is going to assume its just another conspiracy theory like all the rest, but its not.  This is the truth about the JFK assassination that the Snake does not want you to even suspect but its my job to tell you about it.  I have told you about it in many posts on this Blog but my message has fallen on deaf ears so I need to say it again, perhaps in a different way, to make it clear that this is not just some crackpot theory but this is the truth in the Real World.  I have told you about the Real World many times on this Blog but I do not think people have realized it.  Well, I have certainly realized what the Real World is and that it is a brutal treacherous place controlled by Jews which is hidden from the clueless general public.  As someone who used to be a member of the clueless general public it is my mission to help wake everyone up to this that I can.  But back to the JFK assassination.  I sense that viewers of this Blog are at least curious about the idea of Jackie killing JFK but it has not been accepted by most. All I can do is to explain it in my own words as best as I can to help you understand.  Below are various important links to other posts on this Blog where I do exactly that.  I urge you to read them and try to understand what I am saying and why.  I am not doing this for my health.  I believe it is very important for the general public to know what happened in the JFK  assassination so I do this for this reason.  You must know the truth.  And once your eyes are opened to this then you will have new eyes that are able to see the world much more clearly than the average sheep.  You have to want to know the truth.  We can debate about the real reasons why JFK was assassinated but what we cannot debate is about who the assassin was because it is clearly shown in the Zapruder film.  My God has given me the mission to tell the world about this.

Links to Posts by me saying Jackie Killed JFK:

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\”Jackie killed JFK\” Disinformation

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Jackie Killed JFK Reference

Why use Jackie to Kill JFK in Public?

Jackie Killed JFK

How I became aware that Jackie shot JFK

The Conspiracy to Assassinate John F. Kennedy

More Discussion of Jackie Assassinating JFK

Why I say Jackie Killed JFK

Links to web sites by others saying Jackie Killed JFK:

Be aware that some of these links may contain disinformation.  Read with discretion.

Jackie is the Killer Queen

JFK Murdered by his wife Jacqueline

Jackie Filmed Shooting JFK from three angles

The Murder of President John Fitzgerald Kennedy

Jackie Kennedy shot JFK – Proof with Mandela effect

More to Come

7 thoughts on “One of the most important things I want to say on this Blog

  1. After reading about the \”Blob Reflection\” in \”How Jackie get rid of the weapon\”, I am convinced now. The blob reflection is a very important proof. I changed my mind because of it.


  2. As far as I know I am the only one to ever mention this blob on the internet but the blob is on the Zapruder film frames I mentioned. It appears to be something on the grass and yet it appears to make a reflection on the trunk. There is no way that the two can be compatible. Therefore the blob must be something else and what I have said is the most logical explanation for it that I can find. But the proof that Jackie killed JFK is in the gif I have showed many times, not in the Blob. The Blob is just evidence of how they hid Jackie getting rid of the weapon, which IMO is a very clumsy foolish method but I guess they were not expecting people to look at the Zapruder frames as closely as I am.


  3. Additionally, the reason Jackie climbed onto the trunk IMO is to attempt to retrieve the weapon she had thrown back there but U.S. Secret Service Agent Clint Hill had already retrieved it. Why she threw it out of her hand back on the trunk is not clear to me but that appears to be what she did.


  4. In one of your link above that you recommended me to have a look, the author blogger has mentioned \”don't mess with the Jesuit\”. Today, I only hear something like \”the Illuminati\”, \”the Freemason\” but I never hear something like \”the Jesuit\”. Is it a new organization or just another name of the Illuminati or Freemason?


  5. I think the most important proof is the blood position in JFK's shirt, it show that Jackie did the shot (I still didn't fully believe this nightmare). I still single. But this story make me terrified. So my wife can kill me anytime like the way she skill JFK? How can I know my lover is 100% honest and not evil?


  6. As I clearly said, there may be disinformation in these links. Read with Discretion. Jews are experts at using front organizations to control in secret and the Jesuits are one of those front organizations. So if you see someone painting the Jesuits (and not the Jews) as the ultimate evil, that is a very likely a disinformation agent. My only purpose for showing those other links was to document that I am not the only person saying Jackie killed JFK. Others are saying that also but nobody is really blaming the Jews for it as I am. Likewise the Illuminati is just a front for the Jews. The same with Freemasonry. Jews use all kinds of fronts to hide behind and disinformation agents blame the fronts and never blame the Jews. You have to see through this Jewish trick. As for the Jesuits, its a Religious order associated with the Catholic Church but whatever it might have been at one time it has been infiltrated like everything else to serve the Jews. You should ignore it as a meaningless distraction away from the Jews where your focus should always remain.


  7. Absolutely, the blood stains on JFK's shirt clearly shows that the head shot happened on the left side, exactly where Jackie pressed the weapon up underneath his left cheekbone. I have never seen anyone say anything about those blood stains being on the left side of his body except for me. How could so many people miss something so obvious? Or did they not miss it at all but nobody talked about it. Why must I be the one to point out these things? Why does it have to be me? I would gladly follow the truth if someone else were telling it but there is nobody telling it like I am. I am very mystified about that. I never expected I was going to find myself in this position but here I am. Fate has put me here for whatever reason so I stand up for the truth when I see nobody else doing it anywhere on the internet. This should terrify you because it clearly shows you a world that has been completely hidden from your eyes. When I talk about the Real World vs. the False World, this is exactly what I mean. I know its frightening but you have to see this to understand the difference in the Real World and the False World. I believe Jackie was a deep cover Mossad agent when she married JFK. She was not a normal woman. She showed one face to the public but inside she was as cold as ice and deadly. I am sure that your wife is nothing like Jackie. You will not find anyone as evil as Jackie because she was a Mossad agent who was working for Jews. What she did to JFK she did for the Jews. I really believe that.


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