The Simulation Described

Here is a link to a very important post I made last year discussing the Two Worlds Paradigm.  This is perhaps the best description I have ever made about the Two Worlds Paradigm on this Blog so I do not want it to get lost.  I would like you as a truth seeker to read this post and really comprehend its meaning because this is the truth I am trying to tell on this Blog above all other truths. Knowing this allows you to see the truth about everything else.

The Simulation Described

2 thoughts on “The Simulation Described

  1. Even the Hollywood (the movie industry) and the music industry were and are still owned by the Illuminati, you still admit that they have produced some very good products. You have write posts on this blog that list your favourite songs from The Beatles and other band that you think were manufactured by the Illuminati. I see you often mention Hollywood movies such as the Terminator or the Matrix in your posts as example. Therefore, can you create a post to list all the movies that you like or you think these movies will be good for truth seeking process? You have written posts to list songs with music bands you like before.


  2. Even though Hollywood is controlled by the Jews, I have seen some very good movies made. I look at the product and not at who has made it. I do not hate all movies simply because I know Jews have a hand in all movies that are made. I am not like that. The same with music. Jews have long been involved in the music industry. If a song is good and I like it, it does not matter to me if Jews have been involved in the creation of it. I am not going to create a separate post, but good movies that are allegorical are the first Matrix, They Live and maybe a few others. I have personal tastes in movies and music which really I should not make part of this Blog. I want to keep this blog dedicated to telling the truth as I see it and keep my personal tastes off of it. I really do not matter but the truth is all important. This Blog is dedicated to telling the truth as I see it and I want to keep it about that.


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